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Flickering video distortions

Last post 04-27-2019, 14:48 by Tony P. 1 replies.
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  •  04-26-2019, 18:57 784255

    Flickering video distortions

    Hello.  I placed a few short videos in my timeline and all work great except for one.  When playing back at 1x speed, there are several short flickering distortions (kind of like tracking distortions) that will happen at various times. If i play the video at a fast or slower speed or even slowly move the scrub line over this does not happen and you do not see any distortions.  I can also play the video in Windows Media player and it looks just fine as well...even on a cell phone it looks fine.  Not sure why it distorts only on 1x playback.  Is there any way to correct this?  Thanks for any info!  (Pinnacle Studio 22 running on Windows 10) 


    Update- Didn't exactly figure it out, but I converted the file from a .mov to a .mpeg and put it in distortions.  

  •  04-27-2019, 14:48 784266 in reply to 784255

    Re: Flickering video distortions

    Glad you figured it out. Playing back a file in WMP does not necessarily mean PS will like it. It could be variable frames, which cellphones produce. Video editors are frame accurate. You put a variable frame rate video on a frame accurate timeline and you might have playback problems. Reason to convert them to constant frame rate.
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