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Advanced: Location of database

Last post 02-10-2020, 2:34 by jjn. 4 replies.
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  •  04-26-2019, 19:33 784257

    Advanced: Location of database

    Here in our house we have three different machines all running Pinnacle Studio to work on videos.  There have been many times where my wife is working on a project on her computer but needs my help.  Right now we are using external drives so she just gives me her external drive (which we keep the same drive letter on both computers) so I can bring up the project and work on it.  However my project bins are different than hers and the project bins that are related to her project don't exist on my computer.

     What I would like to see is the ability to define where Pinnacle Studio places their own internal database files.  The idea is that we can define the database files to be stored on the external drive along with all the projects and assets for the project.  Now when I connect an external drive to my computer and run Pinnacle Studio, it reads the database off the external drive and loads up all the project bins and collections that exist on that drive.

     I do know that there's a Registry setting that points several items to c:\Users\Public\Documents\Pinnacle\Studio19.  Why can't we have one more registry setting called Database Path where we can specify the path to the database tables?  

  •  04-27-2019, 1:59 784261 in reply to 784257

    Re:Advanced: Location of database

    The answer to this request should be to have the possibility to save different databases.
  •  02-09-2020, 20:19 794998 in reply to 784261

    Re: Re:Advanced: Location of database

    Has this feature been implemented in Pinnacle Studio yet?
  •  02-10-2020, 1:49 794999 in reply to 794998

    Re: Re:Advanced: Location of database

  •  02-10-2020, 2:34 795001 in reply to 794998

    Re: Re:Advanced: Location of database

    Has this feature been implemented in Pinnacle Studio yet?
    .It can be done manually quite easily, but I've been requesting the ability to Save and Load both the Settings and the Library from within the program since PS16. You should be ablle to define where the Library is stored in the control panel, be able to preserve/restore your Library and Settings, and be able to choose between different versions for different tasks/users, or import them when upgrading, re-installing or moving computers

    Corel Video Studio has this feature, I believe. I've also had the request offically logged (more than once).

    We wait in hope Smile

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