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Studio 15 - Any patches, hotfixes or known pitfalls?

Last post 04-26-2019, 9:39 by R_Vera. 4 replies.
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  •  04-25-2019, 17:15 784229

    Studio 15 - Any patches, hotfixes or known pitfalls?

    I just picked up a second-hand copy of Studio 15 Ultimate Collection (open-box but seller stated they had never installed it on any PC). Installation and registration were successful, the program launches and the stock content seems all present.

    Program version is reported as; however I am curious as to whether there were ever any update patches or hotfixes issued, or any well-known pitfalls ("Gotchas") that I might fall foul of. I could not find anything in a Google search, however I do recall reading somewhere that Studio 15 has the same issues with authoring double-layer DVDs that Studio 14 has (worked around by replacing the files in the PCLEDiscAPI folder with the set from Studio 12).


  •  04-26-2019, 1:41 784234 in reply to 784229

    Re:Studio 15 - Any patches, hotfixes or known pitfalls?

    They never released any patch nor hotfix.

    I have a copy of the PCLE.DisAPI 15 folder with correct dlls here :

  •  04-26-2019, 5:15 784239 in reply to 784234

    Re: Re:Studio 15 - Any patches, hotfixes or known pitfalls?

    Thanks for the reply Smile

    FYI the contents of the ZIP file you gave the link to are identical to what I alresdy have in Studio 15's PCLE.DiscAPI folder

    But my memory was incorrect about the nature of any possible problem:

    • The problem with authoring double-layer DVD discs was in Avid Studio, not in Studio 14 or 15 (and a hotfix was released for it)
    • There were actually two problems in Studio 14's disc authoring; return-to-menu always going to menu 1, and an incompatibilty in discs burned by Studio itself (both issues could be "fixed" by using the DLLs from Studio 12 (or 11) PCLE.DiscAPI folder).

    The incompatitibility of Studio-burned discs wouldn't bother me as I always do "create disc content but do not burn" and do the burning with ImgBurn; I'll try creating a little test project with a couple of  menus to see whether that return-to-menu issue still occurs in Studio 15...


  •  04-26-2019, 6:09 784241 in reply to 784239

    Re: Re:Studio 15 - Any patches, hotfixes or known pitfalls?

    Two DVD disc export tests completed...Smile

    • Small test project having two menus; "return to menu 2" flag was respected (and did go to menu 2, not to menu 1).
    • Also tried exporting a large disc project I had recently done using Studio 14; disc image creation was successful.

    So it appears that I do not need to hack the contents of the PCLE.DiscAPI folder - and so far program usability/stability seems at least as good as Studio 14.


  •  04-26-2019, 9:39 784243 in reply to 784241

    Re: Re:Studio 15 - Any patches, hotfixes or known pitfalls?

    The only patch I know of is for Studio 14 which was for youtube problems.
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