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pinnacle 12.1 error

Last post 04-27-2019, 10:23 by anon125. 7 replies.
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  •  04-24-2019, 15:24 784166

    pinnacle 12.1 error

    Attachment: pinnacle error.JPG

    does anyone recognise this error?

    the test video is only 3 minutes long.

    i removed the simple menu but got the same error message

    thanks all 

    windows 7/64bit 

    PS it said the disc could only hold 32 minutes AVCHD

    We have made one hour videos on discs (not bluray) how did we do that!!!

    i believe the files are audio ts and video ts 


  •  04-25-2019, 5:44 784197 in reply to 784166

    Re: pinnacle 12.1 error

    The error you are seeing can occur early on in the "make disc" attempt, when something is being rendered to a temporary video file in Studio's "auxiliary files" folder before it can get on with generating the video and audio streams.

    That "something" could be any of:

    • Disc menu
    • Clip overlaid with another clip or title
    • Effect applied to a clip
    • Transition

    While rendering, the scrubber jumps to each part of the project that it is rendering, so with Studio in timeline view and the ruler zoomed to fit the whole project into the window, you may be able to spot "where it is" when the error occurs.

    Regarding disc space - from the snapshot of your "make disc" error, showing the current export settings, you are making an "AVCHD DVD" not a regular DVD-video (the disc would have a BDMV folder structure like a Blu-ray disc, not VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS like a regular DVD-video).

    To get more video on the disc:

    • Don't use "Best Quality" - choose custom settings and reduce the video bit rate (if you're using full-HD 1920x1080 video you might be able to get the video bit rate down to 12Mbit/sec or maybe even lower, depending on how much detail/movement there is before compression artefacts start becoming too severe. 17 Mbit/sec should certainly be OK as this is what many consumer HD camcorders use as their "high quality" setting
    • Use a double-layer 8.5GB disc.
    • Don't make an AVCHD DVD - make a (standard-definition) DVD-video (can easily get 1 1/2 to 2 hours of good quality video onto a 4.7GB disc)


  •  04-25-2019, 8:53 784205 in reply to 784197

    Re: pinnacle 12.1 error

    Attachment: pin error.JPG

    thanks for your help culpar


    Can you see anything obvious? 

  •  04-25-2019, 10:30 784207 in reply to 784205

    Re: pinnacle 12.1 error

    I also started a new project, new pictures. no menu or anything. same error. looks like pinnacle 12.1 is dead!


    so changed to make file and got export failure (render error)


  •  04-25-2019, 14:12 784219 in reply to 784207

    Re: pinnacle 12.1 error

    What are those clips that are shown in the timeline with an orange/yellow colour and with no thumbnail picture?

    My guess is that they are the cause of the trouble - if they are still-images, they are possibly in an unsupported format, or too large (dimensions or file size) for Studio 12 to handle.


  •  04-25-2019, 18:32 784230 in reply to 784219

    Re: pinnacle 12.1 error

    they are just title cards made with pinnacle.


  •  04-26-2019, 6:03 784240 in reply to 784230

    Re: pinnacle 12.1 error

    they are just title cards made with pinnacle.
    The fact there's no thumbnail showing in the timeline suggests strongly that there is a problem with those titles...

    Assuming that they were made using Studio's titler (and not by a third-party titler such as Boris Graffiti), I would try "troubleshooting" them:

    • Are any parts of the title "missing" if you open it in the title editor (fonts, graphic files used as backgrounds or as graphic obects, video files used as backgrounds)?
    • Are any graphic or video files used in an unusual format (for graphic files an unusual file type, too large an image size, and for video files an unusual video format, frame size or frame rate)? I recall that the title editor has problems with large graphic files (above around 22 megapixels); try using an image editor to resize any huge images before using in Studio.


  •  04-27-2019, 10:23 784264 in reply to 784240

    Re: pinnacle 12.1 error

    Thanks Richard.

    reinstalling pinnacle solved the problem

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