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Studio VS. DaVinci Resolve. Why do you like Studio?

Last post 04-25-2019, 10:52 by Tony P. 12 replies.
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  •  04-23-2019, 20:45 784133

    Studio VS. DaVinci Resolve. Why do you like Studio?

    When I found out maybe a year ago that the editing software related to FREE Hollywood VFX secret weapon Fusion was free, I dove into the specs and found it had limited video and audio tracks. That was an easy pass. Airborne Death wouldn't have happened without unlimited tracks. I recent took a look again and couldn't find anything about limitations with video/audio tracks. Instead I found that the free version is about %80 of the program, the remaining %20 is $300 one time with free updates. It is also integrated with Fusion, so if I need special effects I don't have to export the section I need effects on, import to Fusion and add effects, then export. This takes up more storage space that an integrated solution.

    Video work is going to be my profession, so I want some powerful software. DaVinci Resolve might also run faster on my computer. The only reason I see to stay with Studio is ScoreFitter, and MAYBE ease of use (Fusion is complicated). Downsides are paying each version, masking/tracking and other things are slow.

    Why do you like Studio? What makes you stay when there is a great alternative for free?

    Thanks for all the help.

  •  04-24-2019, 3:35 784139 in reply to 784133

    Re: Studio VS. DaVinci Resolve. Why do you like Studio?

    I know you have posted this in the off topics forum, but we are in a tricky area of forum usage here - its not the job of Corel to provide a forum to discuss competing products. Corel staff or other moderators might want to close this tread down.

    However, your question is a good one so I'll stick my neck out here as I've recently completed a couple of weeks editing on DVR 15 and have a clear idea of the pros and cons of it relative to PS.

    Having to work with Prores files was very hard in PS as the audio didn't come across, so instead of transcoding 600Gb of ruahes it was quicker to learn to editi them in Resolve. The editing went very well even though the learning curve was quite steep. I was only using simple efffects. This was on my desktop machine with a good graphics card (1070Ti). I ended up with project files that could be imported into Premeir and re-editied by the broadcaster.

    However, when I started experimanting with h.264 files and 4K drone footage, PS outperformed Resovle - at least when I used it my way.. I may not have found the correct optimised media settings, but I tried hard to. Worse still was trying to use my Intel laptop. No Cuda graohics on the laptop and what appears to be no support for Quicksync in resolve meant it is virtually impossible to get smooth playback or edit h.264 video in 4K even after it has been transcoded.

    So until I get a really powerful laptop, I've come to the conclusion that Resolve is very hard work with 4K and HD h.264. If I spent £2k on a laptop that situation might well reverse, but thats about 25 years of PS upgrades!

    If you want to do "pro" work - high end or brioadcast - then there is a great case for using Resolve. But what I'm seeing are people who just want to make stuff for the internet who are very new to editing, and they really struggle to understand how to use Resolve. There is lots of training avaialble, but it's not for Newbies, at least not what I've seen.

    Also, once Da Vinci have a better toehold in the pro world, who's to say that their prices won't go through the roof?  It's an odd business model.

  •  04-24-2019, 6:30 784143 in reply to 784139

    Re: Studio VS. DaVinci Resolve. Why do you like Studio?

    As many others who have been editing for a while, I have several editing software programs on my computer. I work a lot now in 4K and still do 1080HD editing.

    Resolve, though it has a free version, it has that steep learning curve and also STEEP system requirements to use it. I can use it to edit on my computer build (which will change when Ryzen 3000 comes out), and I have a lot of fx (OFX) from one of my other editing software that imported over.

    BUT again, the learning curve and system requirements are high.

    Pinnacle will edit a lot the same way as Resolve, but try doing a lot of what Pinnacle automates (Montages, Split Screen animation and even motion titles), you will find that you can, but while I can do it in a few clicks, you will spend a lot of time "perfecting" it.

    DVD authoring? No.

    As posted above, if you are going to the pro world of editing, Resolve is what a lot use to color grade, but Avid and Premiere are what they use and what you should learn on. If mastering how to use Pinnacle is daunting, the others will overwhelm you. 

    For most of what I edit, Pinnacle is what I open first.  It does most of what I want and need to do in video editing.


  •  04-24-2019, 15:45 784168 in reply to 784139

    Re: Studio VS. DaVinci Resolve. Why do you like Studio?

    So they might have to do the per month model like Adobe to keep the lights on. I am going to test it out within the next few months and see what I think.
  •  04-24-2019, 16:12 784170 in reply to 784143

    Re: Studio VS. DaVinci Resolve. Why do you like Studio?

    I looked at Avid, it has limited video/audio tracks. That probably won't work for me. It defiantly wouldn't have worked for Airborne Death! I just found out Avid has a monthly or yearly price. That is a no for me.

    Looks like its just up to speed, and thinks are leaning toward Studio. Thanks.
  •  04-24-2019, 16:49 784173 in reply to 784170

    Re: Studio VS. DaVinci Resolve. Why do you like Studio?

    This really is NOT the place to discuss other editing software. If you want to try something else, that is your decision. But this is a Pinnacle user forum.

    As for Avid, you definitely know not what you are talking about.  Especially considering most Hollywood films are edited on Avid.

  •  04-24-2019, 17:30 784175 in reply to 784173

    Re: Studio VS. DaVinci Resolve. Why do you like Studio?

    They know how to not have so many layers.Well, The upper limit is 24 video and 64 audio tracks, so I wouldn't have hit that limit. I used 18 tracks.

    I am going to wait a few hours to allow people to see this response, then I am deleting this inappropriate post. If you don't hear from me on here after this and want to know if I switched, check my YT channel Coolshows101, there will probably be a video on it. Thanks.
  •  04-24-2019, 17:38 784176 in reply to 784173

    Re: Studio VS. DaVinci Resolve. Why do you like Studio?

    There is (yet again) a free version of Avid now Tony. I think that's what Coolshows is talking about and I believe it has quite big limitations.

  •  04-24-2019, 17:41 784177 in reply to 784176

    Re: Studio VS. DaVinci Resolve. Why do you like Studio?

    Yes, the free version has 4 video tracks and 8 audio tracks. I wonder why they are separate instead of combined like Studio? As I said above, I used 18 tracks on Airborne Death. I think Avid would be great for the young kids who have NO money to spend on editing software, but for me that doesn't work. Thanks for the input guys!
  •  04-24-2019, 18:42 784180 in reply to 784177

    Re: Studio VS. DaVinci Resolve. Why do you like Studio?

    Seperate audio and video is a standard thing for pro video editing software, but they can be linked. Have you actually tried DVR yet, then?
  •  04-24-2019, 19:26 784182 in reply to 784180

    Re: Studio VS. DaVinci Resolve. Why do you like Studio?

    Not yet. I am kind of buys right now, but when I quit my job in a bit I should have time.

    Unless someone says to keep it, this post will be removed at 7 PM MST. Thanks for the feedback!

  •  04-24-2019, 21:21 784184 in reply to 784182

    Re: Studio VS. DaVinci Resolve. Why do you like Studio?

    Looks like I can't delete it.
  •  04-25-2019, 10:52 784212 in reply to 784184

    Re: Studio VS. DaVinci Resolve. Why do you like Studio?

    I remember the Media Composer offer Avid gave to all us Liquid users. It was a nice price, but MC was more than I needed and I wasn't quite up to another learning curve or hardware demand. Especially with the "promise" of a Liquid replacement on the "horizon" without the networking features.

    I might take a look at this free version, but sure it won't remain on my hard drive for long..... not at all. Will only export in HD....... I do edit in 4K and export the same.

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