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PS timeline issues (time freeze in this example).

Last post 04-14-2019, 22:15 by sltp-2019. 0 replies.
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  •  04-14-2019, 22:15 782910

    PS timeline issues (time freeze in this example).

    I've mentioned before general issues when using a video clip in your time line - things become off and don't work.


    So I have a 30 minute video recording that I'm reducing down to by splicing, etc.

    I inserted a time freeze of the default time, 3 seconds, hey - cool - video frozen! Pretty simple! 

    Moved it to the front of the video, I have 3 splices from main video all lined up, I saved the project, exited PS 22, because this is a multi-day project.

    I reopened the project to work on it.(Edit Update- This did not matter, time freeze failed without exit/reopen).

    I started to edit the remaining video clip now at 20 minutes remaining.. A great place to continue since it's already spliced to what I have left to work on.


      I found another place to time freeze, I inserted the time freeze, but when I preview/playback - there is no time freeze even though it is marked as pink.   I even test exported and it is not time frozen.


    Just as I expected, I deleted the remaining clip of video that I had left, and brought back down the entire clip into the project, and cut out the first 10 minutes I already went through, inserted a time freeze and that works!


    Here is the other post I'm talking about editing gets off track:


     Windows 10 Pro 64bit, intel I-5820k (6c/12t), nvidia 1080Ti, 48GB, 



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