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22.2 patch

Last post 04-19-2019, 15:22 by argonaut71. 19 replies.
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  •  04-02-2019, 1:02 782332

    22.2 patch

    The 22.2 patch is available and installed easily. Open Studio 22. If you don't see an Update message, go to the help menu, check for updates and the rest should be pretty automatic. But . . . I would like to know what it fixed? Certainly not the annoying L-key bug I told them about days after 22 was released, the bug they acknowledged shortly afterward, the very bug they didn't fix with 2.1, the one they looked at remotely early last December, acknowledged once again and once again said they would forward to their "advanced support" people. (Do they have any?) In spite of all the good things about Pinnacle Studio software, Corel has strengthened my resolve to never give them another penny and recommend at every opportunity that others do the same. Adobe, Black Magic Design, Magix, Cyberlink . . . . all have occasional problems with their NLEs but NOBODY is as inept and unresponsive as Pinnacle has become under Corel. It's not even close.

    I feel sad for generous and competent people like Jeff Naylor, Anthony Pierre (TonyP in this forum?) and Paul Holtz. They have tied at least some of their income to helping us with Studio and they give away a LOT. I so appreciate them. But why would I or anyone spend more time and money to get better with software that requires so many work-around - better to spend a little more money for something that works and use my time to get better with that. 

  •  04-02-2019, 4:12 782350 in reply to 782332

    Re: 22.2 patch

    The fix list you were asking about.... not 100% comprehensive I am sure, but extensive enough. I get "zero" income from Pinnacle/Corel. I am just someone who doesn't mind helping. I know I need it and am thankful for those that answer and give freely of their brain power to this under powered brain.

    Requested: Show keyboard clicks in recording
    Time Remapping: Distorted Audio (Improve the audio remapping quality)
    Add preset for Samsung Gear 360
    If PS set to CUDA, burned disc doesn't play.
    Split Screen Shape tools improvements
    Add option to prevent pan & zoom stay within the video/image area
    Add Zoom to standard formats
    Add countdown to on-the-fly conversion and capture
    Edits to HFX transitions do not appear on timeline
    Montage "paste to drop zone" results in empty preview
    PS22 Selective Color: Radio buttons for Preserve / Remove, instead of Reverse checkbox (screenshot)
    PiP handle will not adjust after Scaling->Fill
    360 - save profile
    Web upload: auto populate Export file name, to provider metadata Title field
    NBFX Stabilizer "Analyze" button missing from PS Editor
    Requested: Selective Color, individual colors control
    Corrections green line remains after reset; need a trashcan button to remove all
    "Hidden" effect in Dutch installations
    Estimated export size is incorrect
    Time Remapping: Clicks / Pops when Hold Pitch + (a little) Stretch
    Request: Copy and Paste 360 attributes
    Requested: Bulk Paste of Effects, Corrections (partially updated)
    DV (HDV) camera not recognized in 21.5, works okay in PS20
    Project Bin "Group By" reverses unexpectedly
    Delays opening Exporter - windows hourglass, reports of delay up to 2 minutes
    Add bin options to VS Share and PS Export
    Shortcut keys for 3-4 point editing
    Not all Scorefitter tracks are displayed in library
    Requested: separate duration settings for 3D Titles and Legacy Titles in PS Control Panel
    In 3D Titler, the workspace is the same color as the UI
    Request: "Hide Used Clips" in Library
    3rd party plugins not working in PS22
    Keyboard Shortcuts for TL mode switch
    3D Titler: Text Object does not change text style, but stacks new layer each time
    Regression: Time Remapping "Current frame" doesn't work like in PS21
    Request: When Legacy Authoring "Enable" is gray, add text "Switch to Edit to enable"
    Expand list of LUTs beyond current max of 10
    After applying time freeze to middle of clip, head meat is no longer available - screen capture
    Project Bins: each add of new files, default ordering seems to be random
    Control Panel items are truncated
    Marker panel is too short, truncates fields
    Switch for legacy transition behavior - Options: Overlap, or Maintain Timeline
    Unwanted freeze frames when add transition between Time-Remapped clips, but okay when TR not present
    New transition category: "Most Common" (just below Favorites) - include Fade to Black and Cross Fade
    Clip after transition won't play, just black screen - only in PAL
    Regression: Scrubber remains at beginning of added clip, causing subsequent adds to be in the wrong place
    Can't change font in 3D titler - most don't work, just a few
    Transition options different, context menu items gray depending if drag left or right to create, or Align = End / Center
    Roll tool scrolls to the start of the project
    PS crashes 100% when switching between these two projects
    Need a user switch to disable Smart check, or just change how we offer Smart
    "Always Re-Encode" checkbox exists multiple places
    Correction for Replace Mode, in French
    Morph causes a crash that prevents PS from reopening
    "Stay In the Frame" checkbox in PnZ needs grammar fix
    Split Screen: pre-trim of clips in Library is lost when used in split screen
    Regression: Template previews incorrectly, and context menu item is missing
    Effects->Corrections (Audio)->De-Esser, "HF only" checkbox can't be checked
    Pan and Zoom needs space between handles, and edge of window
    Requested: contrast on horizontal timeline scroll / zoom bar
    Move "Hide Used Clips" to icon bar above
    PnZ path, resize becomes unresponsive after toggle "Stay in the frame"
    NewBlue Stabilizer: Place Plugin Open button near the top
    Split Screen: After trim template, reverts to default duration
    Scorefitter editor doesn't display selected song, displays last used song instead
    After patch installation, Acceleration=Cuda is set even when no Cuda card exists
    Transition: "Most Common" should become "Popular" and be just below "Favorites"
    Move Scroll Bar in Transition Editor affects viewable area
    Acceleration setting needs an Apply button, so PS restart doesn't reset back to CUDA
    Selective Color: Select another color, first color selection will be lost
    Exported file aspect ratio becomes 4x3, if Acceleration=None


  •  04-02-2019, 14:21 782394 in reply to 782350

    Re: 22.2 patch

    Yay they fixed the 3D titler so you can change the fonts
  •  04-06-2019, 18:17 782556 in reply to 782350

    Re: 22.2 patch

    Having whined loud and often about the J-K-L bug, I received the email quoted below. Thank you to whichever moderator did this.
    Hi Ron,
    Your issue was escalated to me by one of the moderators. There was already a bug, but it didn't make the cut for the 22.2 patch. I have discussed couple days ago with our Product Manager and developers. Sometime next week, I expect a hotfix for the issue. I'll provide that ASAP for you to check, then it will probably become a KB article for other users.
    Nick Glusovich Quality Assurance Specialist | Digital Media Corel Corporation<<
  •  04-07-2019, 2:18 782562 in reply to 782556

    Re: 22.2 patch

    You owe a beer to Jeff aka jjn.
  •  04-07-2019, 10:40 782571 in reply to 782562

    Re: 22.2 patch

    Thanks for the detailed list.  That is Awesome.  When they release the JKL hot patch, maybe I'll finally install PS22.  Not having any free time to play/learn the issue, I bought PS22, just never installed it.
  •  04-10-2019, 3:51 782700 in reply to 782562

    Re: 22.2 patch

    Noticed some bugs after 22.2 update.

    Pinncle studio is crashing several times when editing 10-15 mins after 22.2 update, and freezing when exporting the video after 50% + of progress.

  •  04-10-2019, 4:58 782704 in reply to 782700

    Re: 22.2 patch

    What bugs? Repo steps?

    Your project... what does it consist of? How long? Settings for everything? FX? 


  •  04-10-2019, 6:18 782707 in reply to 782704

    Re: 22.2 patch

    Dont know what happened to me, every time i work with my wedding project for about 10 to 15..20 mins then studio automatically closes and i have to relaunch it and work again 15..20 mins where i left from... I didn't experienced this type of problem in the 22.1 version.. i think pinnacle studio will release another update soon to make it better and more polished than this update.
  •  04-10-2019, 6:35 782708 in reply to 782707

    Re: 22.2 patch

    You still provided no information...just generalities based on "your" personal experience, which might not reflect others.
  •  04-10-2019, 9:57 782719 in reply to 782708

    Re: 22.2 patch

    Interesting. I have the same thing happening to me too, but in Pinnacle 21U v and 64 bit on WIN10. I have a 75min video in 4K which is taken by a Sony RX100V camera with 25fps and about 50Mbps bit rate. I was just cutting it shorter and geting rid of clips being too long or not good and saving now and again as well as saving to a new folder, when it suddenly happened and the program just shut down. Restarted it and carried on editing.Then again after about 35-45min it did it again. It did this about 3 times. I can not remember exactly what I did when it happened, as it was a few days ago and did not think more about it, as there was no problems starting the program and carry on. However now when this post came up, I thought that I put in my experience as well. I was just editing along by cutting out unwanted parts to get the video shorter and am now done to about 35min. I am still editing and will keep my eyes open and report again if it still happens when the video is shorter. If you do not hear from me again the shutting down would not have happened again. I forgot to mention that I did put in some standard transitions a few times. Also I have never had this long video to edited and it has never happened before. Cold it have to do with the length? Just a thought.
  •  04-10-2019, 10:56 782722 in reply to 782719

    Re: 22.2 patch

    I have seen this in PS21.5U as well.  Not just 4K video clips, but larger stills cause the issue.  I have found that the pan & Zoom(In the effects editor, not right clicking on the clip), time remapping, and rotating clips makes it worse.

    Adding more memory to the computer had no effect. 

    To prevent/lessen this: 

    1. When I time remap or rotate a clip, I get it the way I want in the project, then copy it to a new project, export the clip at my project settings, then replace the original clip on my time line with the exported clip.

    2. I use the pan and zoom by right clicking on the clip on the timeline and selecting Pan & Zoom.  It does not cause these problems, but you don't have key frames.

    It takes a little work, but it makes editing my main project much friendlier.  


  •  04-10-2019, 18:50 782752 in reply to 782700

    Re: 22.2 patch

    Here too after updating the patch is failing I noticed that it was slower to load I say the program open and render the videos in the timeline.
  •  04-12-2019, 12:12 782825 in reply to 782752

    Re: 22.2 patch

    Now it happened again. PS21U just closed down by itself. I have edited for about 15-20 min cutting some clips on the loaded time line and inserted some standard transitions as well as added some text above some clips. I then moved back to the previous clip and checked that the text played Ok. It went past the clip with the text and in to next clip and then i suddenly closed down. Restarted the program and selected continue edit and it loaded ok but started from the beginning, not where I was editing. Went back to the edit point and it played OK. I will continue to edit and check back if it happens again.


    Same thing again after 5 minutes after having added a text and a transition at the beginning and at the end of a clip, then playing this. This time it stopped at the end of the clip at the transition. This time when restarting the program it started a bit before where the text was and played OK.


    I should have mentioned that I am using the standard 3D titel 01 and drag the corner to the left from the clip to the left for transition where the text is above.


    Have now restarted the computer and have no other programs running and after an hour or so it happened again. This time it happened after I put in a text over the video in the time line. So it did not seam to have anything to do with a transition. I bought the PS22U but found it was a bit lengthy to do the standard transitions, but will try this next time. I know this message does not really belong to the 22.2 patch, but as I saw about my problem, I thought I mention this here. Sorry about this.

     Sorry, one more observation. This time I was just looking at the end of the video with no text or transitions and it suddenly just stopped for a few seconds and then it closed down again.

  •  04-12-2019, 19:44 782829 in reply to 782556

    Re: 22.2 patch

    What is the J-K-L bug? 



  •  04-12-2019, 20:05 782830 in reply to 782829

    Re: 22.2 patch

    Keyboard shortcuts J, K, and L.  I also notice that at the same time that issue came up, the preview window source/timeline controls don't switch and you have to use the H key to switch between them.
  •  04-13-2019, 21:14 782872 in reply to 782350

    Re: 22.2 patch

    I have a different question. I'm trying to use "Pinnacle 22 Select Color Tool" to edit some JPG files for a film I want to make. I want to edit the colors of some artwork, particularly some paintings.   I can use the tool for photographs, but not consistently for paintings. Can you please help or suggest some sites where I can learn more?


    I'm also having issues trying to se tup a new post to ask this question, but I an;t see where to start a new thread. 


    Thanks for your help on this.



  •  04-14-2019, 2:36 782878 in reply to 782872

    Re: 22.2 patch

    Hi Mike,

    Select an appropriate forum and subforum :

  •  04-14-2019, 2:37 782879 in reply to 782878

    Re: 22.2 patch

    Then click Start new thread :

  •  04-19-2019, 15:22 784033 in reply to 782350

    Re: 22.2 patch

    So it looks like there is no fix for the DV scene detection issue.
    Well I will try and prepare for the disappointment. 

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