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Struggling with edits to DV imports

Last post 03-06-2019, 13:39 by saby. 1 replies.
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  •  03-06-2019, 13:30 781222

    Struggling with edits to DV imports

    Hi all,

     I have imported a bunch of old Mini DV tapes of home movies (as whole tape imports) and I am trying to carve them up into individual segments.  (Preferably without having to re-import the tapes as individual videos.)  I have been trying to take the videos and "slice" them at points to create individual clips but this sucks because:

    A.  While the first part/clip of the larger video will always work, the second and subsequent clips will almost always lose audio.  (Split the video at beginning and end of desired section, delete the preceding and following video segments and then there appears to be no audio track). Sometimes the audio will appear to be there UNTIL I try to export it and then I'll lose it.  I have submitted a support ticket, but I have had no response from them for 2 days on this issue.

    B.  In the rare cases where I cut the clip when I AM able to maintain audio, the process is rather labor intensive when there are a dozen clips on a video.  (especially when 90%+ of my attempts end up without audio.


    What I'm wondering is:

    Is there is a way to cut a larger video into clips to use in a project bin OR are there any other workflow recommendations or workarounds that might help me keep audio when I cut a clip from the middle of a larger video file?


    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! 

  •  03-06-2019, 13:39 781226 in reply to 781222

    Re:Struggling with edits to DV imports

    Hi and welcome to this forum.

    Are you doing these edits in the Library or in the Timeline ?

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