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Studio 20 Crashes when trying to export

Last post 02-09-2019, 5:54 by Robert Wells. 13 replies.
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  •  01-04-2019, 6:18 777409

    Studio 20 Crashes when trying to export

    Can anyone please help me as I am having continuing problems with a project that is now to the Export stage.

    The original problem was with clips in the library in that they would not play but if put on the timeline it would play alright.

    Project is now complete but when clicking on that button the program shuts down. The S20 update has been installed and I have also tried removing all the S20 programs and doing a complete re-installation but that still shuts down.

     My hardware details are

    Computer HP Pavillion 27-a155na, 

    Intel Core i5-6400T

    Graphics Card Intel HD530 to version

    Windows 10 Home 64 Bit

    Please advise the correct settings for S20 so that I can ensure that the PC will process the Export of this project, I have had this PC nce March 2017 and have previously completed a number of projects without any trouble.

  •  01-04-2019, 6:23 777410 in reply to 777409

    Re: Studio 20 Crashes when trying to export

    What is the source of the clip. What created them.

    You said problem was clips that would not play in the Library, but on timeline would. Something is wrong right there. 

    How long is the project?

    What are the project and export settings?

    How much space to where it's being exported?

    IF you load the Sample Movie (?>Load Sample Movie), does that export?

    If you took a clip or two and tried export, does it?


  •  01-04-2019, 7:17 777414 in reply to 777409

    Re: Studio 20 Crashes when trying to export

    Hi, since all worked fine up to now, have you tried a video driver roollback to a previous version?

    Win 10 performs a silent drivers update and sometimes this could cause that kind of issue.


  •  01-04-2019, 7:24 777415 in reply to 777409

    Re: Studio 20 Crashes when trying to export

    Attachment: Cattura.JPG

    Another cause could be the last Win 10 update: 1809.

    Press the WINDOWS key (between CTRL and ALT) and type in  winver: what's your Win 10 build?


  •  01-04-2019, 10:45 777429 in reply to 777415

    Re: Studio 20 Crashes when trying to export

    Thank you for information Windows 10 Version is 1803 and OS Build 17134.472 also how do I do a Video Driver roll back



  •  01-04-2019, 14:04 777442 in reply to 777429

    Re: Studio 20 Crashes when trying to export

    Here you're: click this LINK and browse for your correct video driver (click the "Show more" link below the web page).

  •  01-05-2019, 11:46 777473 in reply to 777442

    Re: Studio 20 Crashes when trying to export

    Thank you, I ran the Intel link and ran the Driver and Support assistant and updated the 3 sections it found, they were -

    Networking and I/O, Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC3168 and Intel Wireless Bluetooth, In Storage,

    Intel Rapid Storage Technology User interface and driver for Intel 7th/8th Generation Platforms

    I have now tried to export the project and it still shuts down the program when I click the Export button. In the Control Panel I have changed the Export and Preview to both CUDA and INTEL and the same shut down occurs.

    Please advise further

  •  01-05-2019, 16:02 777482 in reply to 777473

    Re: Studio 20 Crashes when trying to export

    Hi, you have just updated all those drivers to the latest versions, but the Intel video driver is still the same: no change.

    I suggested you to perform a roll back of the video driver, so you should download and install an older version of the video driver to change with the current one.

    Once that's done you'll be able to check if the issue is fixed.

  •  01-06-2019, 12:51 777563 in reply to 777482

    Re: Studio 20 Crashes when trying to export

    Hi Lino

    Thank you for the advice I put the video driver back to the previous version and success the project exported. What happens in the future if the driver updates automatically as the latest version doesn't seem to agree with the Pinnacle program and when I look in the Forum it seems that many users have this problem.

    I really appreciate your advice and will make a note of the action taken should this occur in the future.

    Best regards    Robert

  •  01-07-2019, 12:08 777588 in reply to 777563

    Re: Studio 20 Crashes when trying to export

    Thank you Robert for the feedback, it could be useful for other users having the same issue Yes

  •  01-07-2019, 16:22 777605 in reply to 777588

    Re: Studio 20 Crashes when trying to export

    Thank you for the details, we are urgently looking into this here.

  •  01-08-2019, 15:18 777628 in reply to 777605

    Re: Studio 20 Crashes when trying to export

    You may be interested how my problem started.

    For a new project I added video clips to the library and they would not play, if dragged to the timeline it would play. It was suggested that I go to the Set Up, Control Panel, Export & Preview and change the setting CUDA to Intel, that made no difference so advised to go to None. I then could continue making the Movie. On completion of editing Export shut the program down and Lino advised to put the Video Driver back to previous and that advice sorted out my problem.

    My Graphics Card is INTEL HD530 and the driver updated automatically on 14 Sepetember 2018 to version When I put it back to of the 29 August 2017 the program worked OK. On the Control Panel the setting was CUDA and that setting exported the project.

    Hope this information assists you.

    Best regards  Robert

  •  01-08-2019, 15:54 777631 in reply to 777628

    Re: Studio 20 Crashes when trying to export

    Thanks Robert for the info.  

    There was a problem with your particular driver, described here:,news-59482.html

    It's unclear whether the replacement for that driver is posted, yet.  For now, if the roll-back is working fine, stick with it.  When we have confirmation that there is a working replacement for, we will update you.  


  •  02-09-2019, 5:54 779683 in reply to 777631

    Re: Studio 20 Crashes when trying to export

    Since starting this thread my Windows 10 update to 1809 version was installed and drivers were installed, using it S20 crashed on export so searched to see if there was a later driver, there was and installed it but that also crashed. What I would like is to roll the driver back to the one that worked and need some advice please.

    The details are Graphics INTEL HD530

    Current driver 25 20 100 6446 19/11/2018

    Previous driver 24 20 100 6344 14/09/2018

    Working driver 22 20 16 4785 Not sure of date but this one exported S20 project.

    I can only roll back to the 24 20 100 6344 no further roll back is shown in Device Manager

    Please help thanks

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