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Formatting USB Device

Last post 05-15-2018, 16:39 by culpanr. 4 replies.
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  •  05-15-2018, 15:02 764661

    Formatting USB Device

    Previously, I have always supplied video footage via a DVD but a customer requires it on a USB Stick. I have checked the file size and purchased the appropriate size Stick but need some advice concerning the formatting of the Stick. I have options for FAT32 and NTFS. My output file is an Mpeg2 and so I imagine it needs to be NTFS. Would someone be so kind as to conform or deny this please. 
  •  05-15-2018, 15:11 764665 in reply to 764661

    Re:Formatting USB Device

    The only important info you should keep in mind is that the size limit of a file in a FAT32 system is 4 GB.
  •  05-15-2018, 15:23 764667 in reply to 764665

    Re: Re:Formatting USB Device

    Yes Yann, so as I thought, must be NTFS.
  •  05-15-2018, 15:43 764668 in reply to 764661

    Betreft: Formatting USB Device

    Of course it depends on what format is supported by your customer's device. Almost all devices support FAT32. NTFS has less support.
  •  05-15-2018, 16:39 764676 in reply to 764667

    Re: Re:Formatting USB Device

    If both you and your customer are using Windows 7 or later (+ probably supported on other non-Windows devices?), for large USB sticks I would suggest using exFAT instead of NTFS - breaks the 4GB barrier, better suited to (slow) USB flash drives as it doesn't have all the complex folder structure "baggage" of NTFS.


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