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1080p resolution on DVD-R media?

Last post 01-20-2018, 20:54 by saby. 1 replies.
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  •  01-20-2018, 20:40 758363

    1080p resolution on DVD-R media?

    I've made a slideshow of high-resolution photos with a menu.  Rendering a DVD turns the resolution down to 720p.  How can I keep 1080p resolution but continue to render on a DVD-R disc?

    I've tried creating AVCHD-format disc on DVD-R and my BluRay & DVD player won't recognize it. 

    I tried to render a BluRay-format disc, but the estimated size was too big, even though a bunch of still photos really should render quite small.  The bitrate can be only turned down so far, so I deleted some content as a test.  I created a BluRay-format disc on DVD-R media and again my my BluRay & DVD player won't recognize it.  Unfortunately I don't have a BluRay burner, so I can't try that (it would probably work).

    Is there another option to render this on DVD-R media?  The only option I see is to ditch the menu and just put files on it and manually select, but that's not ideal.  Any thoughts out there?


  •  01-20-2018, 20:54 758364 in reply to 758363

    Re:1080p resolution on DVD-R media?

    A DVD Video is a standard. Max resolution defined in this standard is 720 x 576.

    The only way to put 1080 videos on a DVD-R is either :

    • burn a AVCHD disk. Seems that your player don't like it
    • forget authoring and simply use the DVD-R like a storage device by simply putting clips in it like you would do on a USB stick, a hard drive or a SSD

    You don' have any other solution.

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