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GoPro in trouble...

Last post 01-11-2018, 21:15 by Tony P. 6 replies.
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  •  01-11-2018, 11:46 757581

    GoPro in trouble...

    I guess with the failure of their drone (Karma) where DJI is king, and all the action cam competition for less from China, they are cutting staff again by 20%

    GoPro Trouble

  •  01-11-2018, 17:21 757597 in reply to 757581

    Re:GoPro in trouble...

    In France we say "ça sent le sapin" => it's smelling fir (because that's the wood used to build coffins).
  •  01-11-2018, 19:28 757606 in reply to 757597

    Re: Re:GoPro in trouble...

    Sad in a way. They pioneered the action cam. I even had a Hero 2 that drowned, and GoPro after 2 emails failed to respond any more. So, I was off GoPro and went to the Chinese knockoff market. Saved a ton of money and the camera still works.

    They still make great cameras, but at the asking price...... and the competition has upped their game and charge less, so why?

    They sunk a lot of money into the Karma drone. A good idea, but the failed battery latch ruined their credibility and caused a massive recall. Good thing none of them hit someone. They are an example of a company putting all their eggs into one basket....and trying to compete against DJI hurt them a lot.

  •  01-11-2018, 19:44 757607 in reply to 757606

    Re: Re:GoPro in trouble...

    Tony P:

    A good idea, but the failed battery latch ruined their credibility and caused a massive recall.

    Even without this defect, the Karma was way behind the Mavic and the Phantom 4.

  •  01-11-2018, 19:52 757609 in reply to 757607

    Re: Re:GoPro in trouble...

    ...but it did offer that gimbal selfie stick! I really liked that idea of it being included.
  •  01-11-2018, 19:57 757612 in reply to 757609

    Re: Re:GoPro in trouble...

    Osmo Mobile 2 has been announced this week at CES for $129.
  •  01-11-2018, 21:15 757617 in reply to 757612

    Re: Re:GoPro in trouble...

    That's a nice price, but I'm not someone that films with my cellphone. Now, if they make one of those for M43 cameras.....


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