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Pinnacle AV/DV Capture Card and Windows 10

Last post 11-24-2017, 6:27 by saby. 5 replies.
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  •  11-23-2017, 5:04 752944

    Pinnacle AV/DV Capture Card and Windows 10

    I have a Pinnacle AV/DV PCI capture card installed in my computer. I have never used it all this time. Had intended on needing it at some point. I currently run a i7 6700K computer with Windows 10. I run Premiere Elements 15 for my video program. I also have ability to use Premiere Pro CC 2017. Will either of those two programs support capture off my old 2006 Pinnacle capture card? Or will I have to use some older version of Studio? The computer recognizes the card and has installed the drivers, but I couldn't see any mention of the card in Premiere. I'm not sure the drivers are working correctly or not. Does a vcr or camera have to be connected for it to show up/ be recognized in the program? How good is the card I have for S-VHS and ED Beta? I have a digital TBC unit I can plug in between to clean up the video. I also have a JVC S-VHS deck with the DNR/TBC option. My Panasonic AG1980 also has this, but that vcr I haven't tested for operation yet. It may not work.

    So will my capture card work under Windows 10 or do I have to stick with XP to be usable? 

  •  11-23-2017, 5:18 752945 in reply to 752944

    Re: Pinnacle AV/DV Capture Card and Windows 10

    I believe your Pinnacle AV/DV PCI capture card will only work with Pinnacle Studio Programs. If you still have XP you can capture your videos from there and edit on W10.
  •  11-23-2017, 6:27 752949 in reply to 752945

    Re: Pinnacle AV/DV Capture Card and Windows 10

    Try to capture something with your card in Captureflux. If the capture is ok with this tool, you know that your card is working on your system. If it doesn't work, you know that the card is not working and that Premiere is not the culprit.
  •  11-23-2017, 7:39 752953 in reply to 752944

    Re: Pinnacle AV/DV Capture Card and Windows 10 is the most up to date list of drivers - I don't see you card in the list. Note the issues with 64 bit. If it works in W7 it should work in 10.
  •  11-24-2017, 4:18 753031 in reply to 752953

    Re: Pinnacle AV/DV Capture Card and Windows 10

    Captureflux recognized the Pinnacle card, but it isn't seeing the audio inputs. I noticed when it was set to Pinnacle, on the viewscreen there were green line blips moving around. Is this because nothing is plugged into it? I'm not sure how I'm going to do the audio if it doesn't recognize the inputs.

     If I go the Studio route, do I have to use Studio 9 which is what the card would have come with, or will the new current Studio work? Though it says AV/DV, its also called the Movieboard.

  •  11-24-2017, 6:27 753032 in reply to 753031

    Re: Pinnacle AV/DV Capture Card and Windows 10

    If nothing is plugged into the audio input, it's normal that Captureflux gets no sound.

    Your Movieboard should work in recent versions of Studio.

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