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missing media in timeline after burning discs

Last post 10-03-2017, 19:23 by margaret45. 8 replies.
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  •  10-03-2017, 2:11 749162

    missing media in timeline after burning discs

    Project:  I finished a 23-min. video of friends' adoption of their 4th foster child.  Lovely scenes of friends and family gathering outside the courthouse, then scenes of the proceedings in the courtroom, and coming back outside.  Then added a few baby photos and 3 short iPhone videos of when baby was introduced to other siblings a year ago when it all started.  2 pieces of music used - one at intro and one with ending titles, photos and iPhone video clips.  Sweet video.

    Today I successfully burned 8 copies, now that I have PS20, a new computer, and finally added a new burner.

    After burning the copies, I noticed the dreaded yellow rectangles with exclamation point for missing media - one near the beginning and several near the end with the photos.  My heart sank as I thought I had burned 8 bad discs - white printable which are more expensive.  But they all played fine with the TV and DVD player in the other room.

    I found the missing media and re-constructed the damaged parts, saved and closed PS20.  Later I needed to check the project to see how long it was for the labels, and found the yellow scenes in different spots from the last time.  I found and replaced the missing media and closed down.

    Has this happened to others?  Do you have an explanation?  I did delete render files before burning videos.  Project is done, but I'm still curious about what happened.



  •  10-03-2017, 5:32 749166 in reply to 749162

    Re:missing media in timeline after burning discs

    The most obvious explanation is that the letter of the drive where these assets were stored has been re-assigned by Windows.

    Changing a burner, might be the cause. Or connect/disconnect an external drive could also be a reason.


  •  10-03-2017, 12:18 749176 in reply to 749166

    Re: Re:missing media in timeline after burning discs

    All possibilities.  Many changes took place during the making of this video.  Thanks for offering some reasons. 
  •  10-03-2017, 13:30 749179 in reply to 749162

    Re: missing media in timeline after burning discs

    When you are making the DVD check where your videos are being stored. Once you find them you can use a third party burner (Nero, etc) to burn your discs from there.
  •  10-03-2017, 13:59 749180 in reply to 749179

    Re: missing media in timeline after burning discs

    Well, I do get confused with the name of the movie as I saved it, the VIDEO_TS folders/files and all the files under it, the TULE_AVCHD - so many files seem to be generated when I make/burn a video, that I feel more sure of getting the original finished video by opening PS and going to the latest version of the video I just finished making. 

    I also sometimes burn a copy of a disc I just made, but am not sure if it is compressed, and if I would get a higher resolution by going to the source, opening PS and burning the original again.

    I've been a PS user since Studio 8 over 10 years ago, but have never figured out the filing system.  I do try to keep all my work on a certain video in the same folder.  I say "try," as I often overlook the import or saving part, and find photos and other assets within other video folders where I did not intend to put them.  I think with PS20 there is one less choice that needs to be made when importing. 

    Can you enlighten me?   

  •  10-03-2017, 16:13 749185 in reply to 749180

    Re: missing media in timeline after burning discs


    the TULE_AVCHD

    1st time in my life I see this name.

    Where do you have it ?

  •  10-03-2017, 17:07 749195 in reply to 749185

    Re: missing media in timeline after burning discs

    Attachment: TULE_AVCHD.jpg
    It's all over the place.  You can see it in at least 5 places in this screen shot.  I think it's the folder with raw video scenes in it, but have not investigated often enough to be sure.  It's a meaningless designation, as is VIDEO_TS.  Interesting that it was in the Hope's Adoption folder, but after checking it out, it disappeared from the list.  Many things happen that I don't understand.  
  •  10-03-2017, 19:15 749215 in reply to 749195

    Re: missing media in timeline after burning discs

    I googled TULE_AVCHD and find out that it's a folder created by CANON camcorders while transfering files from the camera to the PC.
  •  10-03-2017, 19:23 749220 in reply to 749215

    Re: missing media in timeline after burning discs

    Yes, I found that out, too, when I googled it after last post.  Maybe I'll remember it this time.
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