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studio 14 moviebox

Last post 08-12-2016, 10:33 by culpanr. 2 replies.
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  •  08-11-2016, 12:12 717575

    studio 14 moviebox


    I have studio 14 with usb510 moviebox, when i start studio 14 there is light in moviebox, and iy is showen on importer, but prewiev is gray, how can i get it working, i am using windows 10.

    Pleas help, Thanks.


  •  08-12-2016, 0:54 717603 in reply to 717575

    Re: studio 14 moviebox

    Try getting the Vista driver from this site: 

  •  08-12-2016, 10:33 717627 in reply to 717603

    Re: studio 14 moviebox

    Studio 14 should already include the "Vista" driver as it works out-of-the-box with both Vista and Windows 7...

    But could be the issue simply be that the 510-USB settings have defaulted to selecting the "wrong" video input to where your video player is connected (Composite (yellow RCA) vs. S-Video (4-pin mini DIN)) or the "wrong" video standard for what you are trying to capture (NTSC vs. PAL)?

    Another issue can be the vidoe signal itself; I found that under Studio 12 and 14, my Moviebox 700-USB capture device (predecessor of 510-USB and 710-USB devices like the one you have) would not show the video preview unless there was a good video source connected at the time of opening the Importer. The blue screen shown by some camcorders and VCRs when in playback "stop" mode was not always detected properly (that blue screen didn't appear to be a broadcast-standard signal). A workaround (for a camcorder) is to have it in "camera" mode showing a live picture (you might need to tweak the camera's menu settings to make it output the live picture to its AV-out terminal), or for camcorder or VCR to play the tape (so again there was some kind of "live" picture playing at the time of opening the Importer instead of that blue "stop" screen. But once my Moviebox 700-USB had detected a video signal it was happy with the blue "stop" screen from the camcorder/VCR, so it was then possible to switch the camcorder back into playback mode, rewind the tape and start capturing...


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