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How to use Mediainfo

Last post 04-04-2020, 7:49 by saby. 9 replies.
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  •  03-20-2016, 22:04 708486

    Idea [I] How to use Mediainfo

    Sometimes, people trying to help you will ask you to use Mediainfo to give details about your video files. Mediainfo is a free, open source tool. You can download it here.



  •  03-20-2016, 22:09 708487 in reply to 708486

    Re:How to use Mediainfo

    The first time you launch Mediainfo a Preferences window will open. I suggest you set it like this:


  •  03-20-2016, 22:11 708488 in reply to 708487

    Re:How to use Mediainfo

    Now, to scan a file you just right-click it in Windows Explorer and a Mediainfo entry will show up in the context menu:


  •  03-20-2016, 22:14 708489 in reply to 708488

    Re:How to use Mediainfo

    What you will be asked most often is to include in your message a screenshot of the tree view (but a simple copy/paste of the text from the Text view is ok too).

    It is also possible to export these informations in a .txt file. File menu, Export (or Alt + E):



  •  03-20-2016, 22:16 708490 in reply to 708489

    Re:How to use Mediainfo

    Select the Text tab, enter a name for your file and choose a record location:



  •  03-20-2016, 22:18 708491 in reply to 708490

    Re:How to use Mediainfo

    You can attach this .txt file to your message.

    If you like this software, a small donation to the author here will undoubtedly be appreciated.

  •  01-22-2020, 12:48 794274 in reply to 708491

    Re: Re:How to use Mediainfo

  •  01-22-2020, 13:03 794276 in reply to 794274

    Re: Re:How to use Mediainfo

  •  01-23-2020, 4:10 794327 in reply to 794276

    Re: Re:How to use Mediainfo

    I know it's an old thread but I just started to use this utility again, so thanks for the overview, saby. I have not found a way to change the default folder location for saving the text file. Is there one?
  •  04-04-2020, 7:49 797172 in reply to 794327

    Re: Re:How to use Mediainfo

    Sorry, for the very long delay. I missed your question.

    Alt + E for export :


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