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Dazzle DVC100 no audio on windows 7 & windows 8.1

Last post 03-18-2016, 13:58 by F-Cycles. 0 replies.
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  •  03-18-2016, 13:58 708317

    Dazzle DVC100 no audio on windows 7 & windows 8.1

    I try both the drivers from the CD and the one I found on the web (linke here):

    Uninstalling them, of course, between trying them (even trying Uninstalling in device manager + checking the delete files).

    On both laptop, I see in the device manager that the Audio & Video devices are presents under "Sound, video and game controllers" category.

    However, on both, looking to "Recording devices" in Windows Sound Control Panel, there is no "Line In" device.

    Trying capture with Pinnacle software which are install with the product (from CD), I got video only, no audio.

    Trying capture with AMCap2 (a DirectShow Audio & Video Capture Sample from Microsoft).

    I can see on Windows 8.1,  an audio device, but not on windows 7 (without an audio device... for sure there is no audio and of course no audio is capture).
    As for Windows 8.1, when trying to capture audio, the application return an error message telling that there was a problem with the graph (which refer to the differents modules used in DirectShow that are linked together and form a graph).

    When trying to capture video only (in both win7 or win8.1), it work fine!

    However, before I install the drivers on my windows 7 laptop:

    I was having the drivers of my dazzle dvc100 working on a prior windows (vista). Since then I upgrade windows to windows7. And when I first try it.. there was a proper audio device (with Line In available in Windows Sound Control Panel), but the video component in the device manager was present with an error (which no driver was matching this device).

    Anyone has a solution to get audio & video working on windows 7 or windows 8.1?




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