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Video signal erratic

Last post 02-17-2016, 7:43 by Matthew The Bell. 9 replies.
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  •  02-02-2016, 8:09 703478

    Video signal erratic

    Hi all,

     So frustrated, but hanging in there. I purchased a legitimate copy of 'Dazzle DVD recorder HD' of which the package contained 'Pinnacle Studio for Dazzle' software V1.0.1.207 and the USB RCA connecting hub.

    I have a Windows 7 64 o/s which is compatible and a good VHS player which plays the video signal fine through my TV and RCA leads.

     I have logged support calls with Corel as below and even had an engineer remotely shadow my PC to make changes to fix it but no joy (they did heaps to my Graphics card, codec etc).  The process to log into Corel and into your open job ticket is flawed, you have to keep registering your software all over again (Plum bags to that process I say). I gave up on this.   Admittedly the Corel engineers were great responding to me initially but now its all too hard for them I think.  I even posted a tweet (as below) in April 2015 but there are no software updates I can find for my version of Dazzle on the internet.  Does that mean there isn't one?

     I have changed the RCA leads etc and pretty much done all the basic things, but hey there might even be something more simple I am missing.

    The video picture will play for 2 secs but then you get a blue screen (not Windows blue screen of death) just a blue image, you still see the play symbol on screen and audio is still fine. If the blue image has appeared, the funny thing is, that if you fast fwd the VHS player the video picture appears. Go figure.

     So, has anyone had this before with Windows 7 64 bit and VHS signal via RCA?

    I'm looking for a software update for the studio software if you can point to one or suggest a fix and if you have experienced the same issue.










    Initally great technical support but now VERY poor. When will someone respond to my Incident Number 02221471.


    Corel Discovery @CorelDiscovery 17 Apr 2015

    @xxxxx  TY for your patience. Our engineers are aware of the issue, but we don't have an ETA on a patch just yet - pls stay tuned!

  •  02-02-2016, 18:23 703512 in reply to 703478

    Re:Video signal erratic

    Hi Matthew,

    If someone from Corel support team could not fix this issue by remotely investigate in your computer, I'm affraid nobody here could do a better job.

    There is no software update of Pinnacle Studio for Dazzle except a patch to make it compatible with Windows 8.

  •  02-03-2016, 19:45 703628 in reply to 703478

    Re: Video signal erratic

    What graphic card do you have in your computer?

    What update version do you have installed on your video card? 

  •  02-06-2016, 4:08 703818 in reply to 703628

    Re: Video signal erratic

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your reply. 

     I have an NVidia Quadro FX580, the latest driver being version

     Looking fwd to your reply.



  •  02-06-2016, 8:10 703820 in reply to 703478

    Re: Video signal erratic

    The fact that you get play arrow and a picture when in fast forward for me points to the stability of the VHS recordings. I've found that all analogue capture cards are much more sensitive to unstable pictures than a TV set. What appears to be OK when previewed on a TV will either drop frames or just black out.

    So just to check, have you fed the Dazzle with a known stable picture (perhaps from a DVD player) and got the same results?

    Some VHS machines have pseudo Timebase correctors that can actually make things worse in this respect, so switch anything like that off. Then you might find you drop frames rather than get a blue screen BG.

  •  02-09-2016, 7:05 704007 in reply to 703820

    Re: Video signal erratic

    Well Sir, you.....are...a...genius.  I plugged in the DVD player and whammo she's a workin.

    So you are right, its my VCR player, which incidentally is a Sony SLV-EZ10 and I have been thru all its menus and cannot find a setting that relates to TBC to switch off.  So off to the second hand shop to try another VHS player maybe?

     Any other ideas?


    Much appreciated by the way.




  •  02-09-2016, 7:48 704009 in reply to 704007

    Re: Video signal erratic

    Just past experiences, that's all....

    It just occurred to me - you aren't trying to digitize commercial VHS tapes? Some have macrovision encoding specifically designed to make dubbing difficult. Your symptoms aren't typical, though.

    Before shopping for a new VHS, get a cleaning tape and run that through a number of times.. Even if the tapes have been stored properly, the oxide can start to fall off after a long time, clogging the player heads. Also spool the tapes through a couple of times as well to even up tape tension before attempting to digitize them.

  •  02-10-2016, 7:38 704103 in reply to 704009

    Re: Video signal erratic

    Glad you been there.

     No, not commercial tapes but ones I created 20 odd years ago. They have been in almost airtight storage and some are knackered and I had to biff them. I clean the heads regularly using paper and Isoprophol Alcohol. Cleaning tapes are not good.

    In regards to spooling thru, that's a good idea. Will do. I don't hold out much hope that will help though.

     I'll keep you posted.

    Thanks once again, Matthew. 


  •  02-10-2016, 8:05 704105 in reply to 704103

    Re: Video signal erratic

    Glad you have the patience and dexterity to clean the heads properly Smile On my SVHS you need to take the covers off to get decent access to the helical scan drum.

    There are inline Time base correctors that you could buy - for example

    That's a big investment, though, particularly if it doesn't solve the problem!

  •  02-17-2016, 7:43 704522 in reply to 704105

    Re: Video signal erratic

    Jeepers, TBCs sure are expensive. Had a look on ebay.  Some old blunder buses with DNC connectors even! 


    Dont know anyone who would rent me a good one for a short period?


    Oh well tutt tutt.



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