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Pinnacle 700 usb - No audio

Last post 02-12-2016, 18:56 by ptohara. 8 replies.
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  •  02-11-2016, 19:02 704200

    Pinnacle 700 usb - No audio

    Hi. I recently purchased a used Pinnacle 700 usb device. The software that came with it, PS 10, does not interface with my computer's OS (this is for XP, I used Windows 7). That aside, I've been able to capture video just fine using other free capture programs (although I'll likely buy one down the road). However, while video seems to stream and capture onto my laptop, I am yet to successfully capture any sound. I've streamed video via the Pinnacle 700 from both my camcorder (using mini dv tapes) and my vcr (playing an old vhs). But, again, no sound.

    Is this an issue with the software I'm using, since I'm not really using the stuff designed for the capture device, or something with a setting perhaps?

     Any suggestions you folks have would be greatly appreciated.

  •  02-11-2016, 19:17 704201 in reply to 704200

    Re: Pinnacle 700 usb - No audio

    I think its the capture software - most software expects to capture the analogue audio from the Line in on your computer. Have you tried that?

    However, if you are using the firewire capture option, then you should get audio.

  •  02-11-2016, 19:29 704203 in reply to 704201

    Re: Pinnacle 700 usb - No audio

    I do have a firewire option but have had nothing but bad experiences with that option in that past. I'm currently attempting to work with red, white, and yellow cables (and S video).

    You're saying I need to change a setting in the program I'm using?

  •  02-11-2016, 19:39 704206 in reply to 704203

    Re: Pinnacle 700 usb - No audio

    No, I'm saying that most capture software defaults to capture the analogue audio from the computer sound card, not a video capture device. Where are you plugging in the audio?

    ...and what's the actual capture software you are using?

  •  02-11-2016, 20:00 704208 in reply to 704206

    Re: Pinnacle 700 usb - No audio

    I'm using Videopad v 4.3 and Debut Video Capture v 2.26. I am able to get video only with both programs via red, white, and yellow cables through the pinnacle 700-usb.

     The audio is going through the pinnacle device. The only "in" I have in the actual laptop is for a 3.5mm jack. 

     And on that note, I can't seem to get firewire to work with either of the programs, either. The firewire port is on the pinnacle usb device, but when I try that, nothing is recognized. At least with the RCA connectors I get video.


  •  02-11-2016, 20:03 704210 in reply to 704208

    Re: Pinnacle 700 usb - No audio

    A couple more things that might be helpful. Although these programs are "Free" they are technically trial versions. I doubt that would make me unable to capture audio as I am still able to toggle audio options, etc.

    I WAS able to capture audio by connecting a male to male 3.5mm jack from a camcorder into the laptop, and while I was able to capture some sound, it didn't "sound" like the sound I was supposed to be getting (it was jarbled, squeeky, broken).

  •  02-11-2016, 21:38 704217 in reply to 704200

    Re: Pinnacle 700 usb - No audio

    I think that you may be missing some drivers for your 700-USB. Try downloading them from here and try again. (make sure your 700 USB is on and connected when installing driver). 

  •  02-12-2016, 7:50 704226 in reply to 704217

    Re: Pinnacle 700 usb - No audio

    Thanks! I'll try downloading the drivers and report back.
  •  02-12-2016, 18:56 704252 in reply to 704226

    Re: Pinnacle 700 usb - No audio

    WOW! I downloaded the driver package early this morning (I get out of work around 2am). I downloaded the package, then decided to wait until today to see if the performance of the pinnacle 700 has improved.

    I jokingly decided to attach my JVC deck camcorder via firewire. I say jokingly because since I started this endeavor I've had nothing but bad luck with firewire (a port from an older computer zapped a different camcorder). Anyways, today, I hooked it up, the computer immediately started downloading drivers from the camcorder (this never happened) and then I was able to capture 50 seconds of video, with sound, via firewire. So, awesome! 

    I know the intention was to see if this would work via RCA cables, but now that firewire seems to be working, I'm not going to bother.

     Thanks again! Have an outstanding weekend!

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