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Pan & Zoom on a video overlay

Last post 07-04-2015, 18:18 by Tony P. 5 replies.
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  •  07-03-2015, 11:45 681323

    Pan & Zoom on a video overlay

    Relative newbie with Pinnacle Studio... some experience with Roxio Video editor...

     I'd like to add a video on an overlay av track, and resize it as an inset...

    Would like active video on both the overlay track and the track below it.

    Not sure I'm explaining it clearly, but the image might explain it better.

    Thanks to all for any help...




  •  07-04-2015, 11:11 681346 in reply to 681323

    Re: Pan & Zoom on a video overlay

    You want a PiP (Picture In Picture) for your video I am guessing.

    1. Place the video you want to resize on track 1.

    2. Place video you want to have video to appear in on track 2.

    3. Right mouse click on video in Track1, select Open Effects Editor.

    4. In Effects Editor, select 1. 2D-3D>Studio PIP.

    IF you are using PS18 (you did not say which version of PS you are using), by default, the Solo button is OFF, so you can see the layer that is below. IF you are using PS before this, you have to turn the Solo Button OFF. It's on by default. This was changed in PS18.

    Now, you can use the adjustments to place your PIP, resize it, add border or drop shadow, etc.. 

    Read this LINK on how to add a screen shot to your post.

    Here is a link to a video tutorial on how to do this. It works the same from Avid Studio to PS18.  PIP Tutorial.

  •  07-04-2015, 11:29 681347 in reply to 681346

    Re: Pan & Zoom on a video overlay

    Tony, to make it a bit more clear I suggest to add @ 2. that this clip should be added to track 2.
  •  07-04-2015, 11:42 681348 in reply to 681347

    Re: Pan & Zoom on a video overlay

    Typo on my part! Corrected!
  •  07-04-2015, 17:04 681354 in reply to 681348

    Re: Pan & Zoom on a video overlay

    @TonyP &@ IngolfZ...

    Thank you both... Gave it a try, and it worked perfectly...

    Lots to learn with this product (Ver. 18).

    I'd have to say that it's not as easy to find the "how to's" compared to other products, but I'm realizing that there's a lot more to this product than some of the others....

    Thanks again... 

    Will mark the item closed...


  •  07-04-2015, 18:18 681355 in reply to 681354

    Re: Pan & Zoom on a video overlay

    If you bought PS18 and registered it, you get 45days free of Studio Backlot. The icon for logging in should be on your desktop. He has a complete series of TUTORIALS to get you up and running. Also, on youtube, Pinnacle Studio Pro has a whole host of tutorials for just about everything you can think of, including THIS basic tutorial.
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