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Unwanted drive access

Last post 06-03-2015, 20:44 by saby. 5 replies.
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  •  06-03-2015, 18:58 679332

    Unwanted drive access

    Hey everyone,

    I just installed Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate.
    When I launch the program, my floppy drive (yes, I still have one. Laughing is allowed) frantically starts looking for a diskette. When there is none, it just keeps on scanning the drive which makes an awful lot of noise (remember the days this was common ?). If a diskette is inserted, the drive stays active (spinning). Since I do a lot of audio processing this situation is not really acceptable.


    Just to make sure everybody understands : I've been building my own systems since DOS 6 and Win 3.11, so I'm not really a noob. And to prove that it's completely program related : when I shut down Studio 18 the drive goes back to sleep.

    Does ANYONE know why a video editing program deems it necessary to try and access a floppy drive station ?? This could well be considered a serious privacy issue, since there is no telling in what ways (and for what purpose) the software is accessing all other drives too. And maybe I don't even care about that, if only someone fixes the floppy drive behavior.

    Is there a bug list I can add this to ?

    I tried live support but some dimwitted moron called Benjamin M flipped me the bird and kicked me out after I had been waiting for 30 minutes without one proper answer. The only thing he communicated in this time was : "probably you inserted a broken diskette". Sigh...

    System specs : Intel Core i7 950 (LGA1366) on ASUS P6T Deluxe mobo - 3GB DDR3 - RME Audio - UAD-2 - NVidia Geforce 9400GT - Drives A (floppy) - C,D,W (SATA HDD) - E,F (optical) - Z (virtual)

  •  06-03-2015, 19:11 679334 in reply to 679332

    Re:Unwanted drive access

    Hi and welcome in this forum.

    This is a bug acknowledged by Pinnacle some months ago. I even thought it had been solved, but I'm not sure about it.

    Could you confirm your PS18 version ? Is last patch applied ?

  •  06-03-2015, 19:17 679337 in reply to 679334

    Re: Re:Unwanted drive access

    Hi Saby,

    Thanks for your answer. My current version is (64bit).
    Good news that it is an acknowledged bug, I did not know ! It's a shame the online help desk did not bother to tell me...

    Do you have any idea where I can find more info ? I'm really really new on this forum ;-)

  •  06-03-2015, 20:01 679339 in reply to 679337

    Re: Re:Unwanted drive access

    I don't think you can find any public discussion about it. The bug has been escalated by a Moderator directly to Corel.

    With him, you're only the second user to complain about it. Maybe the 2 human beings on Earth with a floppy disk. Wink

  •  06-03-2015, 20:21 679341 in reply to 679339

    Re: Re:Unwanted drive access

    Lolz that might be possible Big Smile

    To be honest : yesterday I was so angry about the guy from the Live Support that I filed a case through PayPal to get a refund, based on a broken software claim... so I do expect a reaction from Corel. A shame really, because I really like the software. I own Vegas HD too but for small edits I prefer Studio (smaller system load, faster workflow etc...).
    Never had this problem in Studio 14.

    I also was able to contact the Corel help desk just now, so maybe they'll provide an answer. In the meantime I guess I'll have to disable the drive station.

    Or I can try to install the software on my 80486-DX2 66 machine. Do you think 16MB RAM will be enough ?  Cool

    Merci pour tes réponses !

  •  06-03-2015, 20:44 679343 in reply to 679341

    Re: Re:Unwanted drive access


    Or I can try to install the software on my 80486-DX2 66 machine. Do you think 16MB RAM will be enough ?  Cool

    If you're simply ready to display PS18 icon on your machine desktop and nothing more, then yes, it's enough. Big Smile


    Merci pour tes réponses !

    De rien.

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