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Studio 9 activation keys

Last post 05-01-2015, 17:35 by saby. 8 replies.
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  •  04-22-2015, 23:27 673108

    Studio 9 activation keys

    I recently reinstalled "Studio version 9" but when I try to enter my activation keys I get the message that says the unlock key is not valid. I made sure I was entering the most updated of my activation keys by clicking on the link that says "email me my serial numbers" and submitting my E-mail address. The add-ons that I have purchased activation keys for are "MPEG-2 Encoding/Decoding" and "HFX Plus to Mega."
  •  04-23-2015, 3:33 673110 in reply to 673108

    Re: Studio 9 activation keys

    Have you tried by clicking on the "help" file and click "regenerate activation keys". This should give you your new activation keys you had.

    If you continue having problems send a PM to either glus or saby with your registered email address and passport number and one of them may help you. (maybe someone else will appear besides them to help you out.).

  •  04-23-2015, 23:27 673183 in reply to 673110


    In what help file can I find a link to click for regenerating activation keys? And by passport number do you mean the serial number that is displayed when I click underneath the help menu on "About Pinnacle Studio" ?


  •  04-24-2015, 6:10 673184 in reply to 673183


    It's not Help file but Help menu of PS12 UI. There are 2 entires : regenerate activation keys + my passport. I think the keys regeneration won't work because the associated webpage no longer exists.

  •  04-25-2015, 20:27 673377 in reply to 673184


    So the keys regeneration won't work, but can I still send you a PM with my registered E-mail address and serial number?
  •  04-25-2015, 20:28 673378 in reply to 673377


    Yes of course.
  •  04-25-2015, 21:51 673389 in reply to 673378


    I just sent you the info.
  •  05-01-2015, 17:33 674057 in reply to 673378

    Re: Re:

    Hi, I think I'm in the same situation.

    I have a regularly-purchased copy of Studio 15 HD which I haven't used for some time; today, when I launched it and tried to import an mp4 video, I got a prompt to activate the MPEG-4 Encoding/Decoding component.

    I've tried the online procedure but of course the website is no longer existing;  can I send you my e-mail address and serial number so that I can get the activation key I need for the MPEG-4 Encoding/Decoding compnent?

    Thanks a lot!



  •  05-01-2015, 17:35 674058 in reply to 674057

    Re: Re:

    I've already replied to your original request here.

    Avoid multi-posting for the same topic please.  Big Smile

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