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can't add audio tracks to movie

Last post 03-01-2015, 7:10 by R_Vera. 5 replies.
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  •  02-20-2015, 13:00 665809

    can't add audio tracks to movie

    I have Pinnacle Studio Plus v11 and love it. I previously had it installed on an older computer and it worked perfectly. Have just re-installed it on my new computer but for some reason can no longer import my own audio or voice files, ones that i have previously used with v11 on my previous computer.


    My old computer was vista, my new is windows 8.

    Anyone have any ideas what I can do to resolve this?

    Regards and thanks in advance


  •  02-20-2015, 20:58 665868 in reply to 665809

    Re: can't add audio tracks to movie

    I don't think that Studio 11 might be compatible with Windows 8.

    Did you install the latest patch for Studio 11?

    Try converting your music and voice files into WAV to see if you have better luck. 

  •  02-20-2015, 21:33 665872 in reply to 665868

    Re: can't add audio tracks to movie

    Welcome to the forum.  Smile

    As R_Vera suggests,  Studio 11 may simply not work on Windows 8.  I don't recall anyone else saying that they have successfully installed it on that OS.

    However, it appears that you do have it installed.  What happens when you try to use the audio files?  Do you get an error message?

    It may be that some codecs need to be activated.  Since S11 is so old and no longer supported by the company, I'm not sure whether we will be able to help you with that.  But, first, please explain in more detail the problem you are having.

  •  02-28-2015, 22:17 666900 in reply to 665868

    Re: can't add audio tracks to movie

    Yeah I kinda figured it was a compatability issue :-( don't think I tried wav convertion. Know I tried mp3 and wmf and they didn't work, will give wav a bash next day im off work . . . Thanks R_Vera

    The problem I get is that the programne does not show me the audio files at all,sit's as though they are not on my system even though I know for a fact that they are :-/

    Definitely believe it's a compatibility issue as you both suggest :-( 

  •  02-28-2015, 22:20 666901 in reply to 666900

    Re: can't add audio tracks to movie

    I also have problems with transitions and other editables which I believe is all due to pinnacle 11/windows 8 incompatibility :-(  so have decided that my best course of action is to upgrade my v11 :-/ any recommendations as to which version of pinnacle works best on Windows 8?

    Thanks for all your help,  I really appreciate it :-D 

  •  03-01-2015, 7:10 666920 in reply to 666901

    Re: can't add audio tracks to movie

    The newest version available right now is Studio 18 (I prefer for you to buy either Plus or Ultimate). Also be advised that this program is a lot different than the previous versions of Pinnacle Studio 15. You will be needing a lot of practice with it.

    If you prefer the older versions, Pinnacle Studio 15 will work with Windows 8. You can find them either in Amazon or Ebay kind of cheap.

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