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3D Bluray disc creation error

Last post 09-04-2014, 2:39 by Granddad. 3 replies.
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  •  09-02-2014, 14:15 640868

    3D Bluray disc creation error

    It's an ununderstable issue, please if  somebody can, help me...


    If I want to create a 3D blueray disc, the Studio Exporter drops to me an error message. This:

    The Inserted medium type cannot be used for the selected export type. Please insert a suitable medium and press Ok to retry"

    I try three different type of disk's ( two cheapest, and a more expensive one), but it wont helps.

     What can I do?


    Pinnacle Studio 17 ULTIMATE, Windows 7 Hungarian.

     Thank you,




  •  09-03-2014, 2:19 640922 in reply to 640868

    Re: 3D Bluray disc creation error

    Check that Studio Exporter is pointing to the correct Optical Drive.

    Only use a re-writable disc until you get a result (BD-RE)

    Please give some idea of the settings you have chosen for the export process.

    Are you sure that the discs are Blu-ray and are 'factory fresh'

    Regards ......   GRANDDAD

  •  09-03-2014, 15:04 641000 in reply to 640922

    Re: 3D Bluray disc creation error

    Dear Granddad,


    what's means "factory fresh"? All disk was original (packed in a box).


    Thank you,



  •  09-04-2014, 2:39 641041 in reply to 641000

    Re: 3D Bluray disc creation error

    Please ensure that the disc you are trying to use is, as you say, straight out of the box and not been inserted in an optical drive before and could have failed data written to the disc control sector/tracks.   I assume that the brands you are trying have previously been 'burnt' successfully on your device for other project data.   Some optical drives will not burn every brand combination!

    As I said before, to ensure cost is kept to a minimum with expensive media, always use re-writable discs first.


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