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My Liquid came to an end

Last post 04-23-2014, 21:13 by Sam the Sham. 11 replies.
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  •  02-26-2014, 8:50 625366

    My Liquid came to an end

    Because I have left my old and faithful XP machine to the dump, I no longer have Liquid or related software available.

    I will thank all members that I have met here and in other Liquid forums for their great contributions from with I have learned more than I can tell.

    So no special thanks for some individuals. You were all my friends.

    This aera has come to an end.



  •  02-26-2014, 23:54 625420 in reply to 625366

    Re: My Liquid came to an end

    Hi Sef

    Well one era has sadly passed but now we have luckily moved to another. We have moved on to MC and have another wonderful forum and many of the old guys to help us! My  LG Blu-ray burner is plugging away because I am still faithfully following Douglas's instructions and just burned a Blu- ray disk yesterday. But at my age this is the last stop!  

  •  03-03-2014, 20:03 625903 in reply to 625420

    Re: My Liquid came to an end

    I still have a functioning installation of Liquid 7.2 on my old XP computer, but in a few weeks it will be replaced by a Win 7 system to be used for general work and Internet browsing, and then it's Good Bye to Liquid  Crying.

    I have MC installed on a powerful Win 7 machine and that is what will continue to edit my videos, particularly AVCHD from my new (last fall) Sony PJ790 camera.  As was said many times on this forum, time marches on and we all have to adapt accordingly!

  •  03-04-2014, 7:17 625966 in reply to 625903

    Re: My Liquid came to an end

    As you all have noticed, I'm now and then active on MC Forums. Just like you!

    For me it is not only MC (version 6.0.5) but also the additional programs that are helpful for creating the most beautiful movies and effects (like with AvidFX and BCC) and TMPGEnc with VMW5 and TAW5.

    Maybe a new camera will be needed in the near future, so I can avoid the sometimes stuttering import from firewire and tape.

    But then, I will ran into new problems. I know. But everything will be solved with the help of the dearest friends I have met here and in Avid.

  •  03-06-2014, 10:28 626284 in reply to 625966

    Re: My Liquid came to an end

    Ah, the passing of an era. I also have an XP system still running Liquid, but that too will be going away shortly. I had been using it predominantly for analog import and color correction, but I have enough cameras with DV passthru that I/O for my old stuff isn't really an impediment, and Resolve Light is free. I will miss it though.
  •  03-06-2014, 11:30 626286 in reply to 626284

    Re: My Liquid came to an end

    My, how time flies and life changes. I still have Liquid on an XP Laptop, but haven't touched it for quite some time now. MC is running quite well under Win 7, and serves all of my needs - and then some.

    I still have to capture some tapes once in a while and I'm very glad that I've still got my Pinnacle MovieBox DV. This BOB has Composite, S-Video and Firewire in/out, and the best things about it are that 1, it doesn't require any drivers to be installed even under Win 7, and 2 MC "sees" it as a Firewire camera and captures without problems. It's great for grabbing the odd tape that comes my way and getting SD stuff from my Hard disk recorder.

    Yes, the time spent here was great, but it's so nice to "see" so many known faces on the Avid forums.

  •  03-06-2014, 21:04 626316 in reply to 626286

    Re: My Liquid came to an end

    Yes, haven't run Liquid in some time, Relying now on MC6 and Sony Vegas Pro12..
  •  03-31-2014, 13:04 628955 in reply to 626316

    Re: My Liquid came to an end

    I was only using Liquid recently because of it's ability to capture from VHS without any issue.

    For the rest of my editing work, I am using MC 7 with a Motu HD Express.

    The Motu HD Express is really good except with VHS tapes that doesn't have a stable signal.

    Liquid Pro BOB doesn't have a VHS option that stabilize the signal.

    Now that Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft, I am looking at the Dazzle DVD Recorder. It supports Windows 7 and 8.

    Does anyone have a good experience with Dazzle recorders?

  •  04-01-2014, 5:12 628995 in reply to 628955

    Re: My Liquid came to an end

    I have not used Dazzle but get similar problems with Matrox and Blackmagic devices and old VHS tapes.  I do not get these problems if using Matrox or Blackmagic devices which are from about the same vintage as the Liquid Pro Box.

    It seems like capture cards using analogue-digital chips these days which are not very tolerant of poor signals where as older cards used better chips.  So the same may be true of Dazzle and other current gizmos.

    In my case the solution was not to buy a new capture device but to buy a time base corrector to put between the video and the capture card which cleaned up the signal perfectly and solved the problem.



  •  04-01-2014, 20:32 629057 in reply to 628995

    Re: My Liquid came to an end

    Many have used the analogue pass-thru on DV camcorders to digitize the signal. Most DV camcorders can do this...
  •  04-03-2014, 3:23 629166 in reply to 629057

    Re: My Liquid came to an end

    Thanks for the answers. Maybe a TBC would be good. I'll check for that.

     If I remember, I tried with a DV camcorder, but the signal was too bad and had some drops.

    Or maybe I'll try the Dazzle to see how it does.

  •  04-23-2014, 21:13 630870 in reply to 625366

    Re: My Liquid came to an end

    Wow! was not even sure this place was still around. Great memories with Liquid and great people on this forum. Hope everyone is doing well.
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