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Pinnacle stopped converting

Last post 02-16-2014, 20:27 by BARYE. 6 replies.
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  •  02-16-2014, 16:25 624320

    Pinnacle stopped converting

    My Pinnacle Studio HD version 15 stopped converting.  It worked well for 6 months and now, almost EVERY time I try, it converts to a file that I can't open.  The file is unplayable.  It says it's an .avi extension, but it's not playing. 

     Not sure if anyone is going to see this anytime soon, but I thought I'd give it a shot before I return this thing.  Thanks.  

  •  02-16-2014, 16:40 624325 in reply to 624320

    Re: Pinnacle stopped converting

    That's really not enough detail for anyone to help you. You could start by defining what you mean by "converting".
  •  02-16-2014, 16:57 624331 in reply to 624325

    Re: Pinnacle stopped converting

    and what made the original files (the specific camera and format used to create them);  the specs of your PC; and what changes/additions etc have been made to your PC in the last month or two ... and have you tried exporting in a format other than .avi ??


  •  02-16-2014, 17:48 624342 in reply to 624331

    Re: Pinnacle stopped converting

    Thanks for the quick responses.  I'm trying to convert either VHS or DVD to .avi.  It works some of the time.  But most of the time now, it converts the data to what shows as an .avi file, but which is unplayable.

     My PC is Windows 7 I guess?  It's a Dell from 2010.  Pretty sure Windows 7.  I don't think I've made any real changes recently.  And no, I have not yet tried to convert to a different format.  It never occurred to me, since .avi worked so well since I've had it.  Which format do you suggest?



  •  02-16-2014, 18:19 624344 in reply to 624342

    Re: Pinnacle stopped converting

    Return it? To who? You have had it for at least 6 months.

    A 4 yr old Dell, eh. Processor unknown, graphics unknown, OS W7 - maybe. The S15 HD probably came with a Dazzle of some sort, but you probably do not know even that.

    I don't have a Dazzle but whoever helps you will need to know all of the above.

  •  02-16-2014, 19:43 624346 in reply to 624344

    Re: Pinnacle stopped converting

    It has a 24 month warranty.  I would have to send it back to be repaired or replaced. 
  •  02-16-2014, 20:27 624348 in reply to 624346

    Re: Pinnacle stopped converting

    It has a 24 month warranty.  I would have to send it back to be repaired or replaced. 

    What is the "it" you are referring to ????

    Please be MUCH more precise and specific in all your answers if we are to be of any help to you. 

    In any event, its VERY unlikely your trouble originates in your hardware -- much more probable is that something inadvertently was modified or altered on your system that "broke" the feature you had previously been using successfully.

    Try exporting as an MPEG-2 -- lets try to find out what might be going wrong ...

    When you return, please know the actual equipment, software etc, you're using ...


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