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Logging tool don't show media format.

Last post 01-17-2014, 16:15 by Kekelec. 7 replies.
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  •  01-11-2014, 9:59 619827

    Logging tool don't show media format.

    Due to a problem I've installed LE7 on itself, and that solved that problem, but may have caused a new one.

    In the logging tool the box for selecting media format is blank, and it can't be opend for selecting the preset codecs, nor does selecting codecs in the controlpanel make any difference.

    EZ capture is working fine, but that is not what I want for capturing analog footage.

    Does anyone have a suggestion ?


  •  01-11-2014, 15:49 619849 in reply to 619827

    Re: Logging tool don't show media format.

    Are you till running under XP?
  •  01-11-2014, 17:15 619856 in reply to 619849

    Re: Logging tool don't show media format.

    Yes, I have one computer with just LE7.2  on it running XP.
  •  01-13-2014, 9:35 620012 in reply to 619856

    Re: Logging tool don't show media format.

    From the control panel (Edit->Control Panel) choose the System tab, select Player, and then make sure that you have chosen the correct inputs. I believe that if you're using something like the Pro BOB or MovieBox Deluxe etc. that the player defaults to IEEE, which has no media settings (it's always DV or MPEG-2 for HDV).


  •  01-14-2014, 10:20 620123 in reply to 620012

    Re: Logging tool don't show media format.

    Well, the player is set to Y/C as I'm using the pro BOB, so it is not that easy. However I've seen a more and more unstable system, with sudden freeze and crashes, so I guess its time for a new solution.

    Just out of curiosety I trid to install LE7 on a new computer running Windovs 7, and at first I was quite optimistic as everything seemed fine and working ok. But - when trying to burn a DVD, the program closes down without warning.

    As far as I can see, the DVD burner is not recognized, but if that is the problem I don't know, and I can't really figure out what to do more.  So back to a new solution. 

  •  01-14-2014, 19:29 620188 in reply to 620123

    Re: Logging tool don't show media format.

    That is one of the problems under Win 7. Also the colorcorrection editor does not work correctly. You also cannot use your ProBOB on Win 7 as there are no 64-bit drivers for it. There may be other issues. Take a look at Edius, it is very similar to Liquid so quick learning curve and not very expensive. If you need analog in and out, it works with the inexpensive Black Magic cards (among others). There is a crossgrade offer from Liquid.
  •  01-15-2014, 6:25 620213 in reply to 620188

    Re: Logging tool don't show media format.

    Installing liquid on Windows 7 and Vista kills the DVD writer completely and you have to go into the registry to get it back.  Even then I would still burn my discs with something else - I generally make an image and then burn it with IMG burn.

    I found ways round most of the problems I had with Liquid under Windows 7/8 apart from the advanced colour correction not working and no ProBox support.  What I find I miss most though is support for a lot of the new input and output formats we have these days that Liquid does not possess, which, for me, is the biggest reason to use something else.

  •  01-17-2014, 16:15 620534 in reply to 620213

    Re: Logging tool don't show media format.

    Thank you for the answers and the suggestion.

    I'll take a closer look at Edius

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