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Selecting one frame

Last post 10-18-2013, 3:55 by jjn. 6 replies.
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  •  10-16-2013, 4:33 607508

    Selecting one frame

    How can I select just one frame?
  •  10-16-2013, 7:19 607535 in reply to 607508

    Re: Selecting one frame

    ...expand your timeline to show single frames. Then place the scubber at that position.
  •  10-16-2013, 15:12 607586 in reply to 607508

    Re:Selecting one frame

    How can I select just one frame?

    For what purpose ?

  •  10-16-2013, 17:11 607602 in reply to 607586

    Re: Re:Selecting one frame

    For deleting it, or bluring a figure in it.
  •  10-17-2013, 6:07 607686 in reply to 607602

    Re: Re:Selecting one frame

    What is the source of this frame? Is it a photo? Or are you taking it from a video clip. You have to provide as much information as you can. What is the source of the frame? Any single frame can be deleted (but if in a video, there are a series of frames, and they can be deleted). But if this is in a video clip, you will also have to use keyframing. 

    Take a look at this TUTORIAL.

  •  10-18-2013, 1:44 607859 in reply to 607686

    Re: Re:Selecting one frame

    It is a frame from a video film.
  •  10-18-2013, 3:55 607892 in reply to 607859

    Re: Re:Selecting one frame

    You can isolate a single frame by spiting the clip with the razor tool, jogging forward one single frame, and then spiting the clip again. You now have a clip that is one frame long.

    Alternatively, you can park the scrubber on the frame you want and take a snapshot of it, which will give create a jepg of the chosen frame in the Library. You can set the duration of this "photo" to any duration you want when you plce it on the timeline.

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