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Keeping your projects in sync

Last post 09-12-2013, 1:49 by David Hunt. 4 replies.
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  •  04-13-2013, 18:46 588722

    Keeping your projects in sync

    I'm of the opinion that Pinnacle have never got the Shift Trim (or just multi-track trim in in S16\) right. You should be able to keep your projects in sync without being a genius.

    I have tried to sum up the problem HERE

    Please click on the link and comment either here or on the PSI forum, because if PS16/17 is going to become a killer app, it needs to get this right!

  •  09-11-2013, 15:23 604263 in reply to 588722

    Re: Keeping your projects in sync

    Thanks for the Article, link, and effort to improve use of this product. SYNC is a big issue with ease of use. Coming late to the party I just found another helpful piece for using Pinnacle Studio 16, A MANUAL! Downloaded the Avid Studio manual and breathed a sigh of relief. I know this sounds stupid to many who knew this but it was not obvious to me and perhaps some others, so I reference it here in hopes the next newbie finds some solace.
  •  09-11-2013, 17:03 604269 in reply to 604263

    Re: Keeping your projects in synctt

    RAG, since you are new to S16, I would suggest having a good prod around to get a feel for the program and know where things are before starting any serious editing. There is a manual in S16. Go to the help (?) drop down menu  and select 'User Manual'. Alternatively, go to Start/ All Programs / Pinnacle Studio 16/ Pinnacle Studio Manual.

    One place to investigate is the Control Panel (Setup drop down menu). Click on 'Project settings' and at the bottom is 'Activate trim mode by clicking near cuts'. By default (I think) it is unticked which means that to trim clips, the trim mode needs to be activated on the toolbar. The default is then for trimming to be applied across all tracks. To trim only one track Shift has to be pressed when selecting the trim point on a clip.

    If 'Activate trim mode by clicking near cuts' is ticked, then everything is reversed. The default then is that a single trim point can be selected without having to activate trim mode. Trim points can also be applied manually to points on other tracks if required. Shift and select now applies trimming across all tracks.

    To try and make it clear, the automatic selection of trim points across all tracks made by S16 is flawed in some cases. You can change the trim points or apply them all manually but this can be inconvenient for long projects where a lot of the timeline is not visible. This is where Shift/ Cntrl/ click is useful to select everything to the right of the trim point and then move it to the right, trim, and move it all back to keep everthing in sync.

  •  09-11-2013, 19:16 604274 in reply to 604269

    Re: Keeping your projects in synctt

    Ok now I feel like a complete idiot. I thought for sure I tried the ? and I know I tried f1 and searched the Pinnacle site but guess I missed it in my frustration. I know I painfully watch the three editing tutorial and the quick start guide (convinced me not to buy the full tutorial). Your suggestion to familiarize myself would be nice but of course there is no time for that until there is no other choice. I did check the Pinnacle site for a manual and  it only lists up to version 15.  I'm having a hard time with windows 8 for sure (miss the start menu), coupled with the wife needs this project now for the visiting relatives and the frustration mounts. I do feel like part of the in crowd now with the secret handshake firmly cemented in my cranium (ctrl + shift + click).

    btw... appreciate the effort to educate on trim/insert editing with the product. Nice web page here

     (I do feel this product is much more solid than any previous version of Pinnacle despite any issues I may be having.)



  •  09-12-2013, 1:49 604283 in reply to 604274

    Re: Keeping your projects in synctt

    There willbe a bit of a learning curve before it all falls into place.

    For a start menu try  'Classic shell' but there are others.

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