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Blu Ray disc parameters and Medium issues

Last post 09-04-2013, 13:22 by GBN. 3 replies.
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  •  08-02-2013, 12:57 600461

    Blu Ray disc parameters and Medium issues


    I am trying to export a disc project to blu ray.

    If I select blu ray, I get the message "parameter set invalid defualt parameters set", I have read another thread on this issue but I dont seem to have a settings xml file on my PC.

    I have resorted to setting DVD best quality, but get the message "inserted medium cannot be used for the selected export type" maybe because I have a blu ray disk in the drive?

    I am using TDK BD-R 25gb disks


    Seem to recall this worked ok with Avid studio, which I have now uninstalled

    any help gratefully received (Chris in Bolton England) 


    I am running windows 7   64 bit

    CPU E6850  3Gig

    8 Mb RAM 

    Nvidia GEforce GTX 660 to

  •  08-02-2013, 13:13 600463 in reply to 600461

    Re:Blu Ray disc parameters and Medium issues

    Hi Chris,

    The settings.xml file deletion that might resolve your issue is located in a hidden folder. You must enable hidden folders display in your Windows.

    Then the settings.xml is located in C:\Users\[Yourusername]\AppData\Local\Pinnacle\Studio\16.0\Settings\ or C:\Users\[Yourusername]\AppData\Local\Avid\Studio\2.0\Settings\

  •  08-03-2013, 13:17 600526 in reply to 600463

    Re: Re:Blu Ray disc parameters and Medium issues

    Thanks you have helped me a lot.

    I had been working on a wedding DVD and the bride was pushing for her blu ray disk! 

    Any idea what the best project settings are to get the best out of my camera footage?  

    Could be widescreen 1440 x1080.   30(60i).   16:9


  •  09-04-2013, 13:22 603683 in reply to 600526

    Re: Re:Blu Ray disc parameters and Medium issues

    I thought that I would add on to this message.  I have a very similar problem and deleting the Settings.xml does not help - no change.

    I click on Export. then Burn disc. I selecty the drive that has the BluRay burning disc.  Settings I set at B est quality.  The Target Size only has selections for CDs or DVDs.  I have click on either one of the DVD selections.  Under type I select Blu ray disc and that is the end - Studio 16 shuts down with the message "NGStudio has stopped working".

    I have Studio 16 Ultimate

    Nvidia Quadro FX 1800

    Intel Core i7CPU

    8 GB Ram

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