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3D Transitions, Frames out of sequence

Last post 07-23-2013, 7:10 by JWolters. 3 replies.
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  •  06-15-2013, 13:49 595765

    3D Transitions, Frames out of sequence


    I'm a 3D fanatic and try to edit movies with Pinnacle Studio 16.1.
    Unfortunately, the software has still a very major bug. In transitions, the sequence of frames is very often mixed up. This leads to undesirable jumps in the film.
    I have tried to post this in the German forum, without any success.

    I hope that my contribution will be taken up by a responsible developer soon and fixed. Without error-free transitions PS16.1 is not suitable for 3D.

    The picture shows 4 frames (17-20), frame 19 is placed incorrectly.

  •  06-18-2013, 13:59 596023 in reply to 595765

    AW: 3D Transitions, Frames out of sequence

    I'm with @Helmut1962 in contact. Helmut wants to build me a clip with these problem. After receiving the sample I will forward it to Pinnacle devs.
  •  07-22-2013, 12:10 599415 in reply to 596023

    Re: AW: 3D Transitions, Frames out of sequence


    Just wanted to ask if you have any news concerning the frames out of sequence problem ? Since it happens even on a very simple dissolve it sort of makes the program unusable for 3D editing.

    It appears that the out of sequence frame is always from 5 or 6 frames back and is placed just as a dissolve starts -  F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7-start of dissolve- F2 ,F9,F10,F11 etc.

    Best regards,


  •  07-23-2013, 7:10 599485 in reply to 599415

    AW: Re: AW: 3D Transitions, Frames out of sequence

    Hi Jim,

    I have forwarded this issue to Corel / Pinnacle. A concrete answer I have not yet received. But I am sure it has been received by the developers. I just wait for a next update or patch.

    The hope dies last. Smile

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