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Installation of S14 on new Win 8 PC

Last post 09-03-2013, 16:10 by c3incjjc. 3 replies.
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  •  06-09-2013, 5:07 595010

    Installation of S14 on new Win 8 PC

    OK, so I finally got my new Win 8 PC.  Ran Windows Easy Transfer to get most of my data and settings over from old PC (Win 7) to new (Win 8).  Worked through a long list of software to install/download/configure, and deliberately left Studio 14 until last.

    Used my Studio 14 Ultimate installation disc to install and, apart from some plug-ins and one or two assets residing in the wrong locations which I corrected, everything initially seemed OK.  I re-entered all my activation keys and planned on incorporating some hfx from declic which I needed.

     Then S14 started to misbehave.  At first it was merely that the software always opened with a new project rather than the one I had been previously working on.  Then S14 started to  randomly refuse to open and go unresponsive at around 90% leading me to reboot and try again.

     I decided to uninstall and reinstall.  This is where my problems really began and I am afraid that I may have screwed something. 

    When I try to uninstall I get the message ".. the configuration data for this product is corrupt.  Contact your support personnel".

    When I try to repair I see " the installation source for this product is not available.  Verify that the source exists and that you can access it."

     I have run regdelete several times.  I have tried to uninstall using Ccleaner to no avail.

    When I try to install from my disc I see the message "the setup will perform an upgrade of Pinnacle Studio 14. Do you want to continue?"   This is obviously no use to me as I really need a clean new install though I have no option other than to proceed.  I then see "a later version of Pinnacle Studio 14 is already installed on this machine.   The setup cannot continue."


    I am in a 'catch 22' situation where I can neither uninstall nor install.   Has anyone any ideas?   I seem to recall that there was a Windows Installer (.msi file) which I could delete.  I must have read that somewhere in the past, but I do not know what the file is in Win 8, nor do I know whether or not it is safe to do so and if it would help.

    Here's hoping someone out there has a clue.   Otherwise I am stuck with a disc, a valid passport and serial #, and no way of loading it on my PC again.


  •  06-09-2013, 7:00 595023 in reply to 595010

    Re: Installation of S14 on new Win 8 PC

    Update - used Microsoft MrFixit (as per some advice from David Hunt on an older thread), though the online links have changed and I trawled around to find it.

    PS14 has installed, but I haven't managed to successfully launch it yet as I have had a dialog box on the screen for the last half hour...  "Please wait while Windows configures Pinnacle Studio 14 ... gathering required information".


    Not sure how long I should leave this before using Task Manager to abort. 

  •  06-09-2013, 13:06 595093 in reply to 595023

    Re: Installation of S14 on new Win 8 PC

    Update 2 - S14 now configured for Win 8 and seems to be behaving itself.   I must have had a corrupt installation initially.

    Sorry for starting a thread where I was talking to myself, but I got the info I needed from various sources on this forum eventually. 

  •  09-03-2013, 16:10 603596 in reply to 595093

    Re: Installation of S14 on new Win 8 PC

    Thanks for talking to yourself out loud.  I too have problems re-installing Studio 14.

    Am trying your link from ms support... 

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