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Can Pinnacle do all this?

Last post 05-14-2013, 13:43 by saby. 3 replies.
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  •  05-14-2013, 13:04 592392

    Can Pinnacle do all this?

    I am producing a video of trailers for a film festival. There will be about ten short films, all with short trailers of about 2 minutes each. Last year I used iMovie on my iPhone 4S to show the trailers, along with transition music, and scrolling synopses between clips. At the beginning and end, I showed the festival logos, with accompanying background music. For the scrolling text, I used "slides" made with Microsoft Word, and screen-print captured, then had them slowly move up the screen. Kind of kludgy, but it worked well. I exported to DVD at 720p.

    This year, I would like to have something like a revolving carousel of video frames, each one it's own trailer movie, then one of them will drop out and fill the screen, starting its trailer segment. I would like to have more movement this time, so I'm wondering if Pinnacle can move running video frames around the screen, with the frames starting out small, then blooming up to full screen. Is that a transition effect that's available with Pinnacle? I'm not opposed to using other software to accomplish this effect. I have heard about software called "Scrolling Credits," and that sounds like it might be ideal for the synopses between trailers (although it has mixed reviews in the app store).

    I was happy with the sound transitions, and most of the other aspect of iMovie last time, so my needs aren't super demanding. Just need to mix it up this time, so it doesn't look like a repeat of last year. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

    Thanks for looking.

  •  05-14-2013, 13:16 592398 in reply to 592392

    Re:Can Pinnacle do all this?

    Support of Pinnacle Studio for iPad is now handled by Luma Touch team. I suggest you ask your questions/suggestions in their forum.
  •  05-14-2013, 13:28 592402 in reply to 592398

    Re: Re:Can Pinnacle do all this?

    I posted over there. Thanks for the heads up. But it's curious that the title of this forum has iPad in it...
  •  05-14-2013, 13:43 592406 in reply to 592402

    Re: Re:Can Pinnacle do all this?

    Before Luma Touch creation, this forum was the only place to discuss stuff about Avid/Pinnacle Studio for iPad. IMO, it should be closed now but still readable because of his content.
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