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Studio 9 Plus - Invalid Serial (again...)

Last post 03-09-2013, 10:27 by R_Vera. 7 replies.
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  •  03-08-2013, 22:12 582777

    Studio 9 Plus - Invalid Serial (again...)

    Like so many others I am having a problem re-installing Studio 9 Plus after Windows reload. I keep geeing invalid serial nuber and using my passport code on here to regenerate a code doesn't work. I sent a pm to Raff_Uy but I am really in a bind and need to get this reinstalled asap so I can help my son edit his school project due on Monday.

    I have been using Studio since version 7 and have also purchased many FX. I have a few pages of serial numbers and keys, but nothing works :-( 

    Thank you in advance for any help!





  •  03-08-2013, 23:36 582783 in reply to 582777

    Re: Studio 9 Plus - Invalid Serial (again...)

    Attachment: upgrade fix

    You need the update fix to correct this problem. I also have this program and I need to install it to make it to work. I am having problems on how to zip the file because I have never done one. Send me your email address by PM to see if I can send you that file.

    UPDATE: Try above zip file to see if it works. It is a small download.

  •  03-09-2013, 0:29 582784 in reply to 582783

    Re: Studio 9 Plus - Invalid Serial (again...)

    Thank you, but unfortunately that didn't seem to help. The bat file did it's job, but I am still getting invalid serial number when trying to install.

    Any other suggestions?

  •  03-09-2013, 0:39 582786 in reply to 582777

    Re: Studio 9 Plus - Invalid Serial (again...)

    Are you sure you are entering the correct serial number? (There are no numbers, only letters)
  •  03-09-2013, 1:37 582789 in reply to 582777

    Re: Studio 9 Plus - Invalid Serial (again...)

    I forgot to mention, Studio 9 Plus may be an upgrade version (you may need to check it out). I think that you may be missing Studio 9 to be installed first.
  •  03-09-2013, 9:38 582845 in reply to 582789

    Re: Studio 9 Plus - Invalid Serial (again...)

    Yes 9 Plus is an upgrade, but Studio 9 won't install. I get a message that it is not compatible, with no option to continue the install. Is there a way around that?

     I have been putting in the 9 Plus upgrade disk, then it asks for the Studio 9 disk, then the 9 Plus upgrade disk again, then I get a prompt for the serial number. Neither the Studio 9 serial or the 9 Plus serial work at this point. I had hoped the 9 Plus disk contained a full install once you verify that you have 9.

     Still stuck at this point...

    Thank you again for trying to help.

  •  03-09-2013, 10:13 582849 in reply to 582845

    Re: Studio 9 Plus - Invalid Serial (again...)

    Studio 9 Plus is installing now :-)

    My solution for anyone that ends up at this thread with a similar problem:

    After inserting my older Studio 9 disk for verification, the installation asks for your serial number, but it's not very specific about which serial number it wants. Last night I tried both my Studio 9 serail and the 9 Plus serial. Neither worked. After running the fix batch file provided in this thread that deletes the old pixie stuff I tried to install again. Putting in the 9 Plus serial at the prompt didn't work, but entering in the Studio 9 serial allowed the installation to continue where another dialog asks for the 9 Plus serial.

    9 Plus just finished installing and wants to restart... Fingers crosssed the software will run ok. I might upgrade to latest version now that it is working. There is something about not being able to install the previous software I purchased because of a serial number issue that was preventing me from forking out any additional money... lol weird how that works!

     Thanks for the help! 

  •  03-09-2013, 10:27 582854 in reply to 582849

    Re: Studio 9 Plus - Invalid Serial (again...)

    I have both Studio 9 versions (Studio 9 and Studio 9 Plus upgrades) and I have never had any problems when installing them into my computer (except for the fix patch). I think that when you uninstalled Studio 9 from your computer, you did not completely removed everything from your computer. You need to manually get into the c: drive programs and remove all pinnacle files from there including your pixie file folder.

    I hope everything works for you.

    BTW, Studio 16 is a lot different than Studio 9 to 15. And also, Studio 9 is not compatible with Vista, W7 or W8.

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