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Rebuilding library crash

Last post 02-28-2013, 18:49 by LokiZ. 5 replies.
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  •  02-26-2013, 14:36 581252

    Rebuilding library crash

    THE app always crashes when rebuilding library. Always when rebuilding music library is done for 75%. 

    How can i fix this? 

  •  02-26-2013, 18:35 581288 in reply to 581252

    Re: Rebuilding library crash

    How big is your music library?  Number of songs? Total size?


    Maybe there is a limit on either of these two items?  If it was me I would first try and find out what song was at the 75% mark.  If that is not possible I would make sure all of my music was backed up and then dump first 30% of my music and test and then dump to the 50% mark and test to see if that would fix the problem.

     Unless someone knows for sure there is some ceiling one can not go above when it comes to this.  but for that we would probably need to go to someone in the pinnacle for ipad programming department.

     I have never seen this, but my music library is pretty small.  About 75 songs on average. 

     Good luck! 


  •  02-27-2013, 1:52 581311 in reply to 581288

    Betreft: Re: Rebuilding library crash

    Thanks for your quick reaction.

    At this moment I’ve about 12 songs. (Deleted all the other songs.)

     I’ve even tried to rebuild the library with no songs but still the same problem at 75 % done.



  •  02-27-2013, 10:22 581358 in reply to 581311

    Re: Betreft: Re: Rebuilding library crash

    Well then you have pretty much ruled out the install.

    next thing I would try if you haven't already is closing the app completely.  Double click the home button and hold on pinnacle until the "-" comes up then in your recent/running bar  on pinnacle tap the "-" to close it.  If that along doesn't/didn't work...

     I would then power down the ipad fully, again if you have not already.  If that doesn't work...

    i would possibly  reinstall and hope that works.

     Good luck!


  •  02-28-2013, 13:28 581513 in reply to 581358

    Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Rebuilding library crash

    Tried all your suggestions but still the same problem.

    I removed about 50% of my mp4 file. And problem solved!!

    Had nothing to do with my music library but apparently the app can’t cope with 800 mp4 files.


    Thanks again!





  •  02-28-2013, 18:49 581552 in reply to 581513

    Re: Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Rebuilding library crash

    Glad you were able figure it out.  800 is quite a large number.  Were they video or ringtones?  I don't use mp4 myself except for my non smart phone which is the only way I can get custom ring tones for it.

     With those 800 file how stacked was your storage?  how much free space did you have? It would be interesting to hear back from someone as to if this is a problem with number of files or total size those files.



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