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Studio v14 Installer Failed Endless Loop

Last post 02-12-2013, 14:04 by R_Vera. 3 replies.
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  •  02-11-2013, 19:45 578160

    Studio v14 Installer Failed Endless Loop

    I recently bought a new Dazzle DVDRecorder HD with Studio v14.  The hardware is DVC100 Rev. 1.1.


    1.) When I try to install S14 I get a warning message: "Pinnacle Studio has detected that MIcrosoft Windows Installer 4.5 is not on your computer.  If a restart is requested by Microsoft, Studio installation will continue after restart.  Click OK to install this required update."

    2.) I click OK, lights blink, disks whirr, etc. and then I get "The Windows Installer 4.5 installation failed.  Please restart your computer and start the Studio installer again."

    3.) Restart.

    4.) Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Indifferent


    I've manually added the driver on the CD (filename: Pinnacle_Video_Driver_64bit.exe, version, and also TRIED the Windows XP driver from the website (, but of course that failed to install since it's x32).  No joy.  I have .NET 3.5 SP1 installed.  I also have .NET 2, 3, and 4 installed.

    (See computer specs below.)  I seem to be in uncharted waters, as I have found nothing in these forums mentioning WinXPx64 compatibility at all (yay or nah).  I figure if Win7x64 works, why not WinXPx64.  Yeah, bad to ass-u-me anything.  Can someone help me out here?



  •  02-11-2013, 21:51 578171 in reply to 578160

    Re: Studio v14 Installer Failed Endless Loop

    Maybe the .NET Frameworks updates are what's causing this errors.

    I also have Windows XP, but the only updates I installed were the Security Updates because the .NET Frameworks updates gave me too many errors and crashes. This does not happen with Windows 7.

    I think that there may be a download in microsoft to rollback to .NET Frameworks 2??

  •  02-12-2013, 12:25 578347 in reply to 578171

    Re: Studio v14 Installer Failed Endless Loop

    r_Vera, you mention also having Windows XP...  x64?


    I installed Studio v14 on my Windows XP Pro x32 this morning without a hitch.  Both this laptop and the Windows XP Pro x64 desktop have .NET 2, 3, 3.5, and 4 installed along with all the updates.  What updates do you suggest I remove?  How about removing all .NET 4?  Then .NET 3.5 updates only?

  •  02-12-2013, 14:04 578373 in reply to 578347

    Re: Studio v14 Installer Failed Endless Loop

    I only have the Windows XP 32 bit OS.

    If your XP OS is starting to have problems, I would suggest you to reformat your whole computer again. I have been doing this at least twice a year with mine because sometimes I had some problems with my hard drive. I then installed all of my programs into my computer (including all versions of Studio I have) and leave the antivirus and updates to the very last thing to do. I only updated the security updates on XP and just install manually the NET Frameworks by just using the installation discs of whatever program I am installing to do it by itself. I think that if you start removing the NET Frameworks from your computer, you will start having problems with your programs.

    I would recommend you to upgrade your OS to W7 because XP will terminate in April of 2014.

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