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Avid Studio 1.1 Would not create DVD or play mp3 while in movie mode

Last post 12-05-2012, 8:29 by Tony P. 2 replies.
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  •  12-05-2012, 5:52 565196

    Avid Studio 1.1 Would not create DVD or play mp3 while in movie mode

    I had several problems which were


    1 Avid studio would not burn a DVD and tole me "Parameter set is invalid. Default parameters will be set" None of the settings were active and I could not create an image. I could create burn a file.


    2 Mp3 files would play in the library and showed the wave form, But in Movie mode nothing played and there was no wave form. Covert the file to a wav of asc and they played, convert the file to mp3 nothing happened


    3 I had previously had my music files on an external hard drive but transfered them to C drive and reset the watch folders, Eveytime Avid started it told me m drive was unavailable and I could not get rid of this message


    I deleted Avid and reinstalled it a couple of times (I deleted some programs including Divx) but the problem still existed


    This was about the third time I had compiled a DVD with this program

    I contacted Avid but was told they could not be of assistance unless I purchased a token and or refered to there knowlede base and this forum  (would be reimbursed if they found it to be a fault of Avid all I can say about this is they want the success stories but aren't really interested in You) The knowledge base was of no help and the found nothing in the forum posts re this probelm  

    Anyway as a desperate measure I uninstalled Avid again Did a search and deleted all Avid and Pinnical folders ran AVG PCtuneup and deleted registry entrys


    I than reinstalled Avid Studio 1.1 and everything worked

  •  12-05-2012, 6:44 565203 in reply to 565196

    Re: Avid Studio 1.1 Would not create DVD or play mp3 while in movie mode

    I only hope Avid put in their knowledge base how to remove appropriate enterys to prevent reinstlling with the same errors 

    Furthur to the above in trying to resolve the problem I contaced Avid after much navigating around their site (had to register and all that) and after several emails as I contacted the wrong area I received this email

    email 1 

    Please note that the Pinnacle line has been acquired by Corel. As a consequence, as of October 1st, the support is provided by their team.

    Please go to the link below and open a case with Corel.

    Avid Support

     So I contacted Corel and the following was the reply

    email 2  

    Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support.

    You are outside of your warranty period and you will need to purchase a Priority Ticket to receive support: or a Training and Support plan: online rest assured, if the issue is confirmed to be a Corel product defect, you will be reimbursed by the technician investigating your case.

    - We invite you to visit our extensive online knowledgebase: for frequently asked questions & answers, troubleshooting articles and step-by-step instructions.

    - User to user assistance is a great way to get a fast answer to a question:

    - Check out our Discovery Center for a growing lineup of video learning tutorials on photo editing, video editing, graphics and more:


    Corel Customer Support Services

    Full information regarding Corel Support offerings can be found online at

    To check on the status of your case, log in at: and select Support Cases

  •  12-05-2012, 8:29 565213 in reply to 565203

    Re: Avid Studio 1.1 Would not create DVD or play mp3 while in movie mode

    Corel bought Pinnacle from Avid a couple of months ago and as such, Avid has nothing further to do with that line of products. Under Corel, they have a 30 day help policy for free. Avid Studio came out well over a year ago. Even under Pinnacle, there would be no "free" tech support today. The days of getting help for years from customer support are long gone. This forum has been a big help in solving problems encountered with Avid Studio, and the updated version of Avid Studio1, a renamed Avid Studio2, called Pinnacle Studio 16.
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