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Serial Number not accepted on installation

Last post 10-12-2012, 14:31 by LewS. 7 replies.
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  •  10-07-2012, 13:15 553920

    Serial Number not accepted on installation

    I have just tried to reinstall my Avid Liquid 7.2 but my serial number (which I typed in and cut and paste in) is not being accepted. I had Pinnacles resend my serial numbers and indeed it is correct. I am installing the full version 7.2.

    Only the demo version is accepted. Any help would be useful.

    PS I am on Windows 7 professional but I have had Avid Liquid 7.2 installed previously.



  •  10-08-2012, 12:42 554065 in reply to 553920

    Re: Serial Number not accepted on installation

    Have you installed any other Pinnacle or Avid product in the meantime. The Pixie licensing system is shared between them, but all of the versions are not compatible. For example, installing Media Composer on Windows 7 will mess up the licensing for Liquid; you can have one or the other but not both.

    Hope this helps.



  •  10-08-2012, 16:08 554108 in reply to 554065

    Re: Serial Number not accepted on installation

    I use to have Avid Studio 1.1... but that was removed completely by a Corel employee when I had trouble with Avid Studio 16 being installed.

    Avid Studio is currently installed, Media Composer was on before I reinstalled the OS. I don't recall if I had Media Composer on with Liquid or not... but for sure I had Liquid on my Windows 7 Pro installation and had no problems with the s/n. I also had Studio 15 on at the same time.

    Bottom line: currently the only AVID/Pinnacle I have now is Studio 16 and this is after reinstalling the OS.  Avid Studio 1.1 was removed.

    BTW: The message I get is the s/n is not valid.

    Any suggestions? Should I remove the Pixie file wherever it is located... or will that mess with Studio 16?



  •  10-08-2012, 20:13 554130 in reply to 554108

    Re: Serial Number not accepted on installation

    Removing the Pixie files will kill your install of PS16 so you can't do that. I suspect there was no consideration given to running Liquid on the same install of Win 7 as Liquid was never meant to run under that OS and PS16 was never meant to run under XP. I have no idea how to make them run together under Win 7.

    What might work, although I have not tried it, is to install the free Windows XP Mode for Win 7 available from Microsoft. That will give you a desktop icon to run a full version of XP under Win 7. It is completely seperate from Win 7 but runs from inside Win 7. The download is essentially a free copy of XP. You should then be able to install Liquid under that. How well Liquid will run in that mode is unknown but I suspect it will work OK. If you try it, please report back.

  •  10-12-2012, 11:45 554892 in reply to 554130

    Re: Serial Number not accepted on installation

    This seems related so I will post here.

    I just got a new machine with an AMD quad core and W7.  Installing L7 has been difficult.  I am supposed to have 7.2 but the new install appears to be 7.1  Any idea how to get the 7.2 patch?  Also, there is a blinking ! at the bottom of the work area that says a UMI is required for this program.  No idea what that is.

     Clarification would be helpful.  Maybe


  •  10-12-2012, 13:04 554912 in reply to 554892

    Re: Serial Number not accepted on installation

    You can get the upgrade patch here along with the DX10 video card patch.

    I don't know what the UMI does but it is part of the Liquid install. Liquid is not designed to run under Windows 7 and there are features of the program that will not work correctly under that operating system. It is not recommended to install it under anything but XP. You are on your own under Win 7. There is a thread in the forum here on how to make Liquid run under Win 7 but there still will be issues. You might want to try installing the Win 7 XP mode feature from Microsoft and try running Liquid under that.

  •  10-12-2012, 13:57 554926 in reply to 554912

    Re: Serial Number not accepted on installation

    The upgrade patch did not work.  I still have 7.1.  The WinXP seems to have done some good - the blinking ! has stopped blinking and there is now a thumbs up sign where the ! used to be.  So the UMI has something to do with W7, maybe.

    As to the full operation of Liquid, time will tell.  Thanks for the help.

  •  10-12-2012, 14:31 554932 in reply to 554926

    Re: Serial Number not accepted on installation

    On that same page is a full install of 7.2 instead of just the patch. Uninstall 7.1 and do the full 7.2 install along with the DX10 install after that. That will bring you to the final version of Liquid.

    Please report back after you use Liquid under the Win 7 XP mode for awhile about how it works. That would be very useful to many users.

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