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Pinnacle 16 Ultimate Red Giant Add-on

Last post 10-15-2012, 9:11 by Raff_Uy. 5 replies.
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  •  10-03-2012, 17:35 553265

    Pinnacle 16 Ultimate Red Giant Add-on

    Installed PS 16 Ultimate upgrade to Avid Studio.

    Red Giant did not install using "Standard" install option. I went back and using "Custom" install selected and install Red Giant.

    Red Giant showed up with "Locked Icon" on all effects.

    Followed tech tip to use S16-KnollFixpxm file. it allows effect but with "Locked" icon. I renamed EffectRepository.xmp file to "..._old" but PS16 re-creates EffectRepository.xmp file when I try again.

    What to do? 

  •  10-04-2012, 9:59 553360 in reply to 553265

    Re: Pinnacle 16 Ultimate Red Giant Add-on

    BillC, did you try a clean reinstall of the software, I use revo uninstaller when it comes to corrupt installation.
  •  10-13-2012, 11:55 555044 in reply to 553265

    Re: Pinnacle 16 Ultimate Red Giant Add-on


    I had the same exact problem and unfortunately no one on this board was able to help me. What finally did happen is someone from Corel called me and took over my computer and spent literally a couple of hours doing a complete uninstall of Avid and Pinnacles products... including getting into the registry. They then reinstalled Studio 16 and then Red Giant was unlocked as it should be.

    My suggestion would be to find someone from either Pinnacles or Corel who is knowledgeable to delete the proper registry keys or find out exactly how a complete uninstall (including registry) is done. (I was never able to contact anyone at Pinnacles and a PM to a web board Pinnacles employee was not answered). I I suppose a OS reinstall would work also but you know what that means.

    Sorry I can't be of more help on this... but that is what it took for me to clear my installation problems.


    BTW: The person from Corel believes the problem comes from having the trial version installed first... even though I did uninstall the trial version before installing S16.

  •  10-13-2012, 12:55 555054 in reply to 555044

    Re: Pinnacle 16 Ultimate Red Giant Add-on

    After uninstalling and deleting any "hidden" folder, do a registry clean. It will hunt down "broken" items in the registry, allow you to save the registry and then delete. I use Ccleaner for this purpose. It also does some other great stuff too! Part of my maintenance program on my PC's. It's free.
  •  10-13-2012, 16:06 555087 in reply to 553360

    Re: Pinnacle 16 Ultimate Red Giant Add-on

    I have previously reported not been able to install the downloaded version of Pinnacle16 Ultimate.

    I was interested because the trial version meshed in nicely with my existing project, library etc.

    I am using CCLeaner, but I am not sure that when I remove all of AS1.1 that the PS 16 Ultimate will mesh in with my existing projects.

    I want an assurance that the upgrade is based on having AS1.1 installed.

    I started out with Studio 7 and upgraded to S12 before switching to AS, I remember a lot of frustration, especially after switching  the operating system.



  •  10-15-2012, 9:11 555340 in reply to 555087

    Re: Pinnacle 16 Ultimate Red Giant Add-on

    I have performed uninstall of PS16, it did not break my AS1.1
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