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Centenarian project

Last post 08-25-2012, 12:05 by PuterMan. 4 replies.
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  •  08-21-2012, 22:08 545033

    Centenarian project

    I've started a project of interviewing local people 100 years or older, which will take some time to complete. There does not seem to be a lot of video on the subject except for famous people interviewing other high profile centenarians, and even then there is not much of a story or a point. My intention is to interview several centenarians and by watching/hearing their responses to certain questions the viewer will (1) hear answers that can only be given by someone that old; (2) be able to see/hear/experience the cluster of personality traits that are common to people living into their 100s; (3) hear the wisdom that these people have obtained through many years of life. They are members of our community who have lived relatively quiet yet productive lives.

    Here is a short sample of one lady who today is 103 years of age. Bright, articulate, "spunky", and wise is how I would characterize her. The editing was very quick (and not particularly a thing of beauty) since I will do the real editing a couple years from now after I have collected several interviews, but I think you will enjoy her. Near the front I put in some historical scenes of events that put her birth year (1909) in perspective.

    I hope you like Rachel Kreider.

  •  08-22-2012, 13:32 545146 in reply to 545033

    Re: Centenarian project

    Very engaging! Love it!
  •  08-22-2012, 20:47 545190 in reply to 545146

    Re: Centenarian project

    Good editing, you always know the question asked with hearing it.
  •  08-23-2012, 3:30 545218 in reply to 545190

    Re: Centenarian project

    I've always admired your Videography technique & continue to do-so.

    Your & Margaret45's technique are the best I've seen Postedin this Forum.

    Too much emphasis on Editing, not enough on Videography, IMO. Although there are some good tips in the User Manual, Maybe a separate Forum for Videography  Tips & Tricks would be a good idea?

  •  08-25-2012, 12:05 545563 in reply to 545218

    Re: Centenarian project

    Thanks, everyone for your encouraging comments.

    @ Color: Yes, Margaret is a great lady and we've shared ideas about each others' videos and even shared the videos themselves. One of the nice things about the forums is that great friendships can develop! Like you, I have always thought that it would be neat to have a "Videography" forum.

    Generally the forums here start and end with Studio itself... how it works, problem solving, workarounds, etc. All of that is necessary but I use Studio and Avid as a tool to create videos. So, how do great videos get created? That's the question that is best answered by a whole lot of people together, and that's where Studio shines... using it to create something great. There is another videography forum I belong to that shares ideas ranging from lighting to audio to camera technique and subject positioning. They also talk about budgets and various types of equipment. They talk a little about editing, but they deal with Final Cut Pro (Apple), so that's where I tune out. Both the Pinnacle and Avid forums could use a "Videography" forum (IMO) where these ideas, etc. can be shared.

    Just a continuation of your thought which is a good one!



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