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No voice monitoring during Voice Over recording

Last post 08-14-2012, 17:31 by eurrutia. 5 replies.
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  •  08-13-2012, 2:02 543967

    No voice monitoring during Voice Over recording

    Hi, I'm trying to use Avid Studio as a Voice Over tool.  We, Voice Over Actors, have been waiting for a tool that permits us to record our voice on the (silent) Ipad.  

    What we need is:

    1) a way to play a video 

    2) a way to record our Voice Over 

    3) a way to have the video and our voice track synced together as we go back and forth in our recording and editing.

    Avid Studio seems to do that, BUT, while I record my voice I don't hear my voice at all in my headphones, neither the sound from the video sound track.  Totally silent.  Only after my recording is over and I play it, do I hear the video sound track + my newly recorded voice track.

    Am I having a problem in my settings, or is Avid Studio unable to let us monitor the sound while we record?  It seems strange that this feature would me missing, but I don't know if it's something difficult to do in this current version.

    Please, let me know if perhaps my settings are wrong and that this feature is already implemented in the software. 

  •  08-13-2012, 2:11 543968 in reply to 543967

    Re: No voice monitoring during Voice Over recording

    So, to be clear, I need to monitor (hear) the video sound track + my voice being recorded, while I'm recording.
  •  08-13-2012, 13:56 544026 in reply to 543968

    Re: No voice monitoring during Voice Over recording

    Does anyone else have this problem?  I see people read this post but not commenting...
  •  08-13-2012, 16:19 544053 in reply to 544026

    Re: No voice monitoring during Voice Over recording

    What you are asking about is an option that is currently not supported in the app.

    I will move this thread to the Feature Requests section in this area of the forum.

  •  08-14-2012, 1:55 544091 in reply to 544053

    Re: No voice monitoring during Voice Over recording

    Do you think this feature is a good candidate to be added soon to the app?  I mean, to be able to hear the video track and monitor your voice as you record seems such a basic and logical feature to have.  


    For me, that would make this app the perfect choice for Voice Over artists!

  •  08-14-2012, 17:31 544162 in reply to 544091

    Re: No voice monitoring during Voice Over recording

    Actually I think this might be feasible using the iPad2 or above, since I've noticed that these devices are able to easily detect whenever headphones are connected. If that functionality lets the user monitor sound playback while simultaneously using the mic to record then I agree it would be nice to try to implement that in our app.

    We'll investigate this and if like I said there's an easy way to add this support, then we will try to put it in the app sooner than later. I'm not sure if this would be considered a basic feature, but I will certainly discuss that with the product manager.

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