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no sound!!

Last post 08-10-2012, 6:58 by jjn. 1 replies.
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  •  08-10-2012, 5:57 543784

    no sound!!

    There is no sound when I download the video footage to my pc. The tapes do have sound on (DV), but the moment it gets onto the PC nothing…I have checked all the settings and cannot understand this. Music and DVD’s play, but no footage downloaded from the camcorder. My camera is a Canon XHA1 and I’m using a firewire connection to download my footage to the PC. Using a custom build PC for video editing with I7 processor and all the trimmings. Any help and advice will be appreciated greatly!

  •  08-10-2012, 6:58 543793 in reply to 543784

    Re: no sound!!

    You've posted this in the forum for the Pinnacle Video transfer device. I assume that you aren't using this device. Before I move it to the correct forum could you say what software you are using? Pinnacle Studio version? or Avid Studio?

    It may also be relevant what operating system you have, 64 or 32 bit. And if you are in a PAL or NTSC country. There have been capture issues with your particular camera.

    Can you clear a few other things up?

    Music and DVD’s play,
    In Studio or in Windows? (hopefully both)

    After you have captured the video files from your camera, if you play them using Windows Media player can you hear audio?

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