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Preview Monitor Breakaway

Last post 07-28-2012, 11:57 by citapinc. 2 replies.
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  •  07-27-2012, 18:17 542065

    Preview Monitor Breakaway

    I would like to see the ability to separate the preview monitor into it's own window and away from the Pinnacle System program.  In my office I have three 22" monitors all tied together using a TripleHead2Go box.  By using this box my Windows 7 thinks I have 1 monitor with a resolution of 4320x900.  The TripleHead2Go box separates that signal into three separate 1440x900 monitors.

    Right now when I use Studio 12 HD everything is within one monitor, leaving the other two monitors empty.  If the preview monitor was a separate window, then I can move that to one of the other monitors and utilize the first monitor for the timeline and stuff.

    What I would love to see is each element made into it's own window.  Then I can spread the project around my entire system and utilize all the space that I have.  Now that would be cool.


  •  07-27-2012, 21:21 542075 in reply to 542065

    Re: Preview Monitor Breakaway

    I do this now, but I have a dual head video card. But have you tried going into Setup-Video and audio preferences, and in the "Show full-screen preview on:" combo box, does if list your second monitor there? If so, select it. Now in the upper right corner of the studio preview monitor, there is a little arrow point up to the right, click on it. All of your preview will be done full screen on your second monitor.

  •  07-28-2012, 11:57 542112 in reply to 542075

    Re: Preview Monitor Breakaway

    No it does not list a second monitor because to my computer I only have one monitor.  And yes I have Show Full-Screen Preview set to on.

    The way the TripleHead2Go works is I have one DVI cable coming out of my computer to the TH2G box.  Then the box splits the signal into three separate DVI signals which goes to my three monitors on my desk.  So my computer it thinks I have just one monitor that's simply HUGE.  The TH2G box does all the video splitting.

    Right now the only way I'm able to get an external preview is to hook up my right most monitor to the 2nd DVI port on my video card using a VGA cable and connecting that to the VGA port on the monitor.  Then switch the monitor from DVI to VGA.  I loose 1/3 of my desktop screen when I do the preview but it works.

    What I would prefer is that each element of Studio is in it's own desktop window.  This way I can move the preview window to my right monitor, move the tools to my left monitor and keep the timeline in my center monitor. 


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