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Dazzle DVC-100 + camcorder trouble: help, please!

Last post 07-20-2012, 15:31 by Raff_Uy. 1 replies.
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  •  07-20-2012, 12:19 541046

    Dazzle DVC-100 + camcorder trouble: help, please!

    Hi everyone!  I am having issues transferring footage taken with a Canon ZR 960 to a digital format.  I am using the STV-250N Stereo Video Cable provided with the camcorder to connect it to a brand new Pinnacle Dazzle DVC-100, and from there to a Windows XP laptop with all of the software provided with the Dazzle installed.  I didn't get any error messages while installing the software, but when I attempt to pull any video from the camcorder, all I get is static.  If I adjust the Video Cable so that one of the plugs is almost falling out, I can get a silhouette of the footage amid the static, but it's still all grayscale, and you wouldn't be able to tell what it was without consulting the original tape.  The only audio I get is a high pitched screech.

    I have tried:
      *re-installing the dazzle drivers (from both the provided install disc and from their website)
      *using a different XP computer
      *using Studio, Windows Movie Maker, and VLC to capture the footage
      *using Kino, VLC, and TVTime on a Linux computer
      *using a different Canon ZR 960 to play the tape
      *using a different Mini DV tape

    The result for each of these have been exactly the same: the same disgusting static, and no video or audio.  The tape seems to be just fine -- both camcorders have no problem playing back both audio and video.  Do you have any ideas of what I should try next?  Do you think the issue would be more likely to be with the Dazzle, stereo cord, or somewhere else?  Am I missing something totally obvious?  I'd appreciate any guidance you'd be willing to give.

    Thanks for your help!
  •  07-20-2012, 15:31 541096 in reply to 541046

    Re: Dazzle DVC-100 + camcorder trouble: help, please!

    If you have a VCR to begin with, I would suggest trying it out first. Just to make sure that software and hardware are working correctly.
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