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Last post 04-24-2012, 9:30 by VIDEODAWG. 5 replies.
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  •  04-08-2012, 17:47 525655


    This forum should be in the root really, so it applies to AvSo as well Smile

    THIS is my latest project in AvSo.

    It's about timing and audio levels, with a few overlays using the 3D editor. Sorting through 100 minutes of material meant that I used Scenes, Collections and tags. As the other 8 episodes get transmitted, I'll be able to make a more complex showreel.

  •  04-23-2012, 22:04 528231 in reply to 525655

    Re: Showreel

    Very cool - not sure what it's about, but there's some really neat fx in there - lots of fun !

    thanks for sharing

  •  04-23-2012, 22:21 528232 in reply to 525655

    Re: Showreel

    jjn - just watched a bunch of your videos on youtube - very nicely done - what are you using for a camera?  incredibly sharp - and the avid fx are awesome - you must be

    doing commercial shoots, and this is part of that, ya?

  •  04-24-2012, 2:04 528239 in reply to 528232

    Re: Showreel

    Mostly, yes. The showreel clips are shot with pro cameras on stuff I direct for a living, but they are SD mpgs by the time I get them. The aim of the showreels are to display the diversity and complexity of my CV :-)

  •  04-24-2012, 7:34 528303 in reply to 525655

    Re: Showreel

    I watched it and thought it was entertaining (the show that is)!
  •  04-24-2012, 9:30 528321 in reply to 528239

    Re: Showreel

    understand the SD mpgs, but you lost me on the "diversity and complexity of my CV" - not sure what you're referring to there...

    and...are you saying that those very "HD" appearing clips on youtube are really just SD?

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