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Pinnacle Studio 15 transition feature request

Last post 12-14-2012, 11:27 by d2bucktail. 3 replies.
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  •  03-04-2012, 2:34 519419

    Pinnacle Studio 15 transition feature request

    Attachment: muskieOnPole.JPG

       I have a crazy request that I'm hoping someone out there would be willing to consider.  Back in 2008 I purchased Pinnacle Studio 12 and enjoyed using it for a few fishing-related (and other) projects:

      About a year ago I upgraded to Pinnacle Studio 15 and really noticed how much things have been improved in the s/w upgrade!  (The last video on the muskellungecw youtube channel was made using v15.)
       I recently started working on a new project with Pinnacle Studio v15 for our non-profit muskie club (Muskellunge Club of Wisconsin -  V15 includes a neat transition called "PLS -GoneFishin" that I've added to my project but I have a giant favor that I'm hoping someone can help me with.  The transition fits perfectly into my project, but I'm really hoping I can get an updated version of it where the bass is replaced with the likeness of a muskie.
       If you're interested I could send you a short snippet of my clip showing how the "PLS -Gone Fishin" transition works in my project ( :07 to :10 in the clip). Attached is a photo I took of metal fish on a pole (the one on the bottom is a muskie).  I'm hoping someone out there (maybe one of the Pinnacle Studio software developers) would be willing and able to take the metal muskie on the pole and replace the bass in that "PLS -GoneFishin" with that muskie.  I also have another pic showing 4 other muskie examples that are more similar to what the bass looks like and I could send this to whoever might be interested in helping me.

       The project I'm working on is for our muskie club banquet that is scheduled for April 23 so if this is something that can be done, it would be best if I got it by April 20 at the latest to give me a chance to get it installed and implemented into my project.
       If possible, it would be great if my request could be directed to the Pinnacle Studio software development team.  I'll be anxiously waiting for a response.  Keep up the fantastic work with the Pinnacle Studio software! :)

    Thanks much!

    Dave Dawson

  •  03-04-2012, 7:21 519455 in reply to 519419

    Re: Pinnacle Studio 15 transition feature request

    I doubt if Pinnacle will be able to do this for you, but there are some very clever people who might be able to create this effect for you. Have a look over at the Declic site and maybe ask nicely Smile

  •  03-04-2012, 9:17 519473 in reply to 519419

    Re: Pinnacle Studio 15 transition feature request

    The bass in that transition is made up of 5 different png files. (2) dorsal fins, 64x64, lower fin, 64x64, tail, 64x64, and side view, 256x64.

    The fin arrangement is different from the bass in that a muskie has one dorsal on top and three on the bottom, I think. That might take a bit of a compromise but I doubt your audience will notice.

    Why don't you post the other 4 photos and I'll take a look at them and see what I can do. It's been a while since I tackled an HFX effect. If Le Papy or one of the other folks at Declic sees this post they might have some ideas too.


  •  12-14-2012, 11:27 566621 in reply to 519473

    Re: Pinnacle Studio 15 transition feature request

    Wow, I feel like such a flake! :(  I just came across an old email from early March that referenced this thread I started and I now realize I failed to follow-up with those that responded with such promising comments.  (I think I got busy with work and family stuff and the rest of my fishing club project (  The bass transition is within the first 15 seconds of the clip and turned out well (but would have been awesome with a muskie instead of a bass! ;)

    Anyway, if one of you guys is still willing to take a look and doing the transition with a muskie, I'd definitely be able to make use of it! :)  Not sure if I understand how to attach an image, but here's a URL to the photo I was referring to:  It is an identification chart showing the difference between a muskie and a northern pike.  You'll see 5 different looks.  The first 3 are the ones to use in the transition (1st and 3rd are preferred) because those are considered the look of the pure/true muskie strains.  The last one is a northern pike and the 2nd-to-last uniquely marked one is a hybrid between a muskie and a northern pike.

    If you need additional info from me, let me know.  And if you'd like to work with me directly, I respond quicker to email sent to  The next project where this transition would come in handy will need to be completed by March 3 so getting the updated transition by mid-February would work best. 

    Thank you very much in your interest.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with if you get time.  

    Dave Dawson 

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