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So, I guess that's the end of Liquid.....

Last post 10-19-2007, 19:12 by jjn. 2 replies.
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  •  10-19-2007, 15:50 51733

    So, I guess that's the end of Liquid.....

    As a gesture of thanks, Jan Piros presented all Immersion attendees with a copy of Pinnacle Studio 11 Ultimate.

    I find this difficult not to find amusing.....


    So there is a new NLE being designed in Munich. It is aimed at "videographers"

    I would have thought  that was who Studio was aimed at.

    With the introduction of the free VideoSpin, is Studio going to go down market?

  •  10-19-2007, 17:40 51763 in reply to 51733

    Re: So, I guess that's the end of Liquid.....

    Well, if AL7 isn't going to get any new bells and whistles, at least this way the Liquid folks can use the advances in Studio to burn HD-DVD content to standard DVDs, etc.

    What I wonder is if this "new NLE" that's under development will be evolutionary or revolutionary?  Will it be "Liquid 7, redone, with more bells and whistles, and with a different color scheme", will it be "new UI over the Liquid rendering engine" or will it be an entirely new product?  I'd guess it'd be one of the first two, myself.

    Be interesting to see what it looks like...something like Studio 12 Plus Plus?  (Unlock Studio 12 Uber Plus Ultimate Plutonium for full Liquid capability??)  S12 and Liquid "8-ish" to share a UI paradigm?

    These are interesting times that we live in, aren't they?  Smile


  •  10-19-2007, 19:12 51797 in reply to 51763

    Re: So, I guess that's the end of Liquid.....

    I''m betting revolutionary - as far as Liquid goes. I'd also guess that Studio will remain fairly static for a while, apart from bundling menus, RTFX2&3 and the like.

    Interesting times indeed... 


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