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NY Times review of tablet video editing "apps"

Last post 02-18-2012, 21:57 by David Hunt. 4 replies.
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  •  02-16-2012, 9:31 515739

    NY Times review of tablet video editing "apps"

    Most of the article addresses an app sold by the same firm that makes iPads.  This could be predicted.  Avid's entré gets a sentence or so.  Never assume that sweet fruit will land in the hands of all huddled near Apple's tree.   Read yourselves and decide.

    A key take-away is:

    "...these apps reveal a window of opportunity big enough for Android app developers to drive a truck through. Android users should expect to see someone exploit that opportunity in time to edit this year’s round of holiday videos."  

    Adobe, Cyberlink, and others may fill this void soon,  perhaps by May, offering Android apps that may, harnessing Tegra3 four-core processors, handle video of a bit heavier grade than what phone cameras shoot.  Will Avid show up at the contest?  No answer probably means an answer of no.  Oh, but wait.  If I listen real hard, I can hear Avid's seven elves .... snoring.

     Tapping Your Inner Spielberg With a Software Assist

    Article Link:

  •  02-16-2012, 15:55 515833 in reply to 515739

    Re: NY Times review of tablet video editing "apps"

    The integrity of the reviewer as a video editing app user has to be questioned when they make dumb statements like " Powerful programs like Adobe’s Premiere and Apple’s iMovie often come preinstalled on desktop computers, but many people never use them".

    Premier or iMovie preinstalled??? Come on!  

  •  02-17-2012, 11:46 515962 in reply to 515833

    Re: NY Times review of tablet video editing "apps"

    In 2003, I bought a Sony Vaio PC that came with a Vegas precursor pre-installed, plus Sound Forge.  It also had a trail version of Premier.  Sony is famous for loading new computers with "bloatware," some of it functional, some of it merely ads for programs.  Other PC companies also sell for a lower price if you buy the version that comes with adware for software products that pop up when you start the computer.

    In 2007, some Panasonic videocams came acccompanied by discs with Pinnacle Studio 11 software.  Some people installed it, but a lot lacked adequate PCs or had no intentions to edit video.

    Acer Android tabloids tablets come with a basic video editor included, with no need to download an app.  It is very rudimentary though.  If Avid does not fill the void, others soon will.

    There is nothing uncontroversial about the fact that few people ever try to edit video at all.  Of the minority that does, a significant quotient does it to manage video they captured or "ripped," not anything they shot with cameras.  Then there are folks who simply want to add (someone else's) music to some video clips.  Thus, most video editing software gets no use at all or only very elementary use.  However, even if only 0.05% of the world's population does more than cursory editing, that amounts to a market of several million people. 

  •  02-18-2012, 19:33 516162 in reply to 515962

    Re: NY Times review of tablet video editing "apps"

    Pinnacle used to include a version of Studio with every Tuner they sold (I own or bought at least 6 of them over the years).

    Later they started to instead include something called VideoSpin

    I agree that the Android market still has a window for a program like Avid to come in and be dominant. It is very difficult to compete against Apple on its home turf -- especially when Apple is already respected for its own video editing software.

    In any event I can't see how these programs can be anything but promotions and extensions for more full featured computer based versions -- especially as its VERY tough to sell them for more than $5-10.

    If Avid is not profitable selling at $60-175,  how much can they hope to make getting 80% of $5  ??



  •  02-18-2012, 21:57 516171 in reply to 516162

    Re: NY Times review of tablet video editing "apps"

    how much can they hope to make getting 80% of $5 ??

    $4  ?  Big Smile

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