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Current bugs - listing

Last post 02-25-2012, 13:33 by huels. 11 replies.
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  •  02-11-2012, 3:27 514622

    Current bugs - listing


     Just to let you know that we have listed current bugs here (see FAQ #14). We will update the list regularly.

    DV FX

  •  02-11-2012, 19:03 514745 in reply to 514622

    Re: Current bugs - listing

    Please add this bug:

     "the app crashes trying to render a video with some 720 60p clips" 

     thank you.

  •  02-12-2012, 4:29 514783 in reply to 514745

    Re: Current bugs - listing

    We report only reproducible bugs. Could you be more precise ?
  •  02-12-2012, 10:03 514848 in reply to 514783

    Re: Current bugs - listing

    When you load a video clip in the format:

    mp4 avchd 1280x720 at 60 frames per second

    you can view and edit it, but when you select a button to make a render (render transitions or export) the ipad crashes.

    I have an ipad 2 wifi+3g 32GB with 5,94 GB free. 

  •  02-12-2012, 12:49 514885 in reply to 514622

    Re: Current bugs - listing

    After a few days of exploration, I am getting so many crashes that I am about to stop using the app until they are addressed. So far, they are all recurring but not 100% reproducible. Most happen around 50% of the time. Here are problems that I have encountered numerous times. These are with a video project that has one 1080p source clip that is 15 minutes long that was recorded on an iPhone. I have used the razorblade tool to divide up the clip into numerous events.

    These are on a 64 gig iPad 2 with iOS 5 and LOTS of free space.

    • Crash dragging a transition between two events on the timeline. This is crashing a high percentage of the time for me. Strangely, if it crashes I can often restart the app and try again and it will work -- for the same transition. The events were fairly short -- I don't know if that was relevant to the crashes.
    • Crash trying to edit the text of a clip that has a title. Often, when I double-tap on the title text to open the editor there is a crash before the dialog opens.
    • Crash rendering. The first time I tried to render the project, the app crashed. After relaunching the app, rendering worked.

    Anyway, I had 10 crashes over 30 minutes trying to work on this one simple montage and was too frustrated to continue.

     Is there an official email address that one can write to to report bugs and ask questions? I tried to find one but had no luck.

  •  02-12-2012, 13:22 514888 in reply to 514885

    Re: Current bugs - listing

    1080p is not currently supported. Check out this Avid KB topic.
  •  02-12-2012, 13:50 514897 in reply to 514888

    Re: Current bugs - listing

    If it isn't supported, the app shouldn't let you select it. The app lets you select it.

     Also, Avid does not make it clear pre-purchase that it doesn't support 1080p input movies. For me, it makes it worthless as an app. I am editing a lot of little instructional videos shot on the iPhone 4s. Even iMovie for iPad supports 1080p. 

  •  02-14-2012, 13:25 515341 in reply to 514888

    Re: Current bugs - listing

    and what about 1280x720 @ 60p... is this format supported? I hope that if not supported will be added in future because that frame rate give sharper frames.
  •  02-14-2012, 13:34 515348 in reply to 515341

    Re: Current bugs - listing

    A 60 fps framerate ? Nothing like that in the iPad specs.
  •  02-14-2012, 14:41 515364 in reply to 515348

    Re: Current bugs - listing

    A 60 fps framerate ? Nothing like that in the iPad specs.

    The iPad might not be able to shoot 60fps, but it has no trouble playing 720p 60fps. These movies are routinely shot by video recorders and the iPad has no problem importing them and playing them. I routinely have used them with iMovie on the iPad as sources and never had a problem.

    I hope that Avid isn't limiting the editor to the formats that the iPad shoots.

  •  02-22-2012, 17:51 517015 in reply to 515364

    Re: Current bugs - listing

    Many dead links in the help file


  •  02-25-2012, 13:33 517688 in reply to 515348

    Re: Current bugs - listing

    I'm sorry but your interpretation of the ipad specs is not correct. A video at 720p includes 60 frames per second as option:



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