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Some issues but great start for the app

Last post 02-09-2012, 17:54 by DevMLUI. 1 replies.
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  •  02-09-2012, 6:33 514268

    Some issues but great start for the app

    Hello everybody,
    this is my first posting in this forum. so at first I introduce myself. I am a Media Composer editor since 1997 and stuck inside the Avid MC forum for nearly 10 years.
    My clients benefit from the possibility to show their customers the final films on an iPad, so I also buy an iPad for my own aqquisition and for presenting my films to customers.

    I was very impressed when Avid introduced the Ipad App last week and for only 4€!! It is of course a giant step down from MC to Studio iPad but for my private holiday movies and also for the kids it´s great!

    After all there are some bugs and I also have some features for futher versions:

    - There are no possibilities to change long text with more then one row (positioning like center, left, right and so on...)

    - When changing the font type or the colour sometimes you can´t scale the font bigger or smaller

    - Sometimes changing the colour of a text is not possible

    - The App also loads entire movies, podcasts and tv shows from the photo and video library into the media library - this takes very long and sometimes the app crashes -
    only load the film clips inside the iPad photo library would be great

    I also have some wishes for further versions:

    - Airplay video support for sending the films to appleTV hardware

    - in app purchase of more transitions (perhaps Avid can recycle some of the old Pinnacle hollywood fx transitions!!!)

    - one more video track for easier Pic in Pic effects (it would not be sad if this is only possible with rendering the clips)

    - support of 1080p (perhaps with the upcoming iPad3?)

    - project export to Media Composer would be an awesome feature!

    After all I want to thank Avid for this great app. For a version one release it is very stable. I am looking forward for further improvements.

    Greatings from germany
    P.S. please excuse my bad english

  •  02-09-2012, 17:54 514414 in reply to 514268

    Re: Some issues but great start for the app

    Thank you Peter for your feedback. Greatly appreciated!!
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